The Fiasco That Was My Experience With MAC Face And Body Foundation

FAB1MAC Face and Body Foundation (1,800.00 Php for 50mL) is pretty new to the Philippine market. While it’s been a part of the MAC range for years, it only recently became available at non-Pro stores and in the smaller 50 mL size. I had heard so much about it’s awesome water-resistant qualities and buildable coverage from YouTubers like the Pixiwoos and even Lisa Eldridge that I picked it up without bothering to review anything else about it. I was so excited about the release that I forgot that Nic (of the Pixiwoos) and Lisa Eldridge both have skin thats’ on the dry side–and I’m oily/combo. Uh oh. FAB2So, yes. I bought a foundation that is not compatible with my skin type and it just wouldn’t be right to give it a shit review because of my own mistake. Oily skinned girls, just take this as a warning that you will probably not get on with the product. There are other foundations that will give you a similar effect without actually making your face into a disgusting oil slick. Sad, because what it does do on normal and dry skin types is pretty awesome. I’ve given my bottle away to a cousin and it works well enough at evening out her skin tone and stays true to its water-resistance claims, according to her.

Face and Body is also buildable, meaning you can up the coverage by adding other layers after the prior one has dried down. It can be used on both face and body (duh) and for that reason it’s often used at photoshoots to even out models’ skin on their legs and arms. It comes in a nice simple plastic bottle with a thin spout (is this the correct word?) at the top. Make sure to shake up the foundation before you use it!
FAB3This is the shade N2 on my arm. C2 was the warmer equivalent but the SA and I both agreed that N2 worked better on me for some reason. Face and Body has very thin consistency and I have not really seen many people apply it using their fingers, although you could do that if you wanted to. A duo fibre brush is probably your best bet for even application, though. FABfezHere’s a photo of me looking terribly shiny right after applying Face and Body. Trust me, I tried many, many ways of dealing with the shine–from prepping the skin differently to powdering with an anti-shine powder. Even when I used blotting paper (very) often, my skin was just gushing oil like I’ve never seen it do before. You can also see that the coverage is pretty low. My hyperpigmentation is showing through.

So there you have it. Oily-skinned girls, you have been warned. This foundation probably gives a gorgeous glowy and natural finish to people with dry-normal skin, but it just didn’t work for me. There are other MAC foundations (such as Studio Fix Powder and Studio Sculpt) that are more suited to my skin type, and I do think I’m due to re-review my Studio Fix powder very soon as I’ve solved my shade-match dilemma. Watch out for that!


5 responses to The Fiasco That Was My Experience With MAC Face And Body Foundation

  1. Jo Cayabyab

    What I do is mix the Face and Body foundation to make my matte foundations more dewy and runny. The effect is fantastic and it’s one of those that gets better as the day goes along since the foundation sinks into my skin and it doesn’t look like a mask has been painted over my face.

  2. So sad to hear about the incompatibility. I wanted to try MAC, but my cousin told me it was too heavy for everyday use so I chickened out. :(

  3. Car

    I think this has been known in the market to be dewy. Have you tried it with a face primer? There’s a technique used by this Youtube Makeup artist ( (which he points out is unheard of by many) that can help with foundation application and making it smoother. Long story short, after applying the primer, he applies a layer of Setting powder over it before applying the foundation. I too have pretty oily skin and this technique worked wonders on me. I forgot which video in particular but i left the link to his youtube channel just in case. Anyhoo if you try this, hope it helps! Cause it’s such a shame when we purchase products we can’t use!

  4. I really want to try this out so badly, but MUA friend suggested that I go for the MUFE version instead. She mentioned that MAC F&B has the tendency to break the skin out, so that made me a little worried. I also heard that this leaves the skin looking like you placed plastic balloon over your face. Did you experience anything like that with this foundation?

  5. Rae

    I have this foundation in C4. It’s very dewy, but it looks super duper awesome when I have no skin texture issues whatsoever. I know I look shiny wearing it, but for some reason it gets me a lot of compliments.

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