HARNN Oriental Herbs Hand Cream + Celadon Aromatic Oil Perfume

Harnn1HARNN is a Thai luxury spa brand that I’ve known about for a while now, but I was totally unaware of their having opened in the Philippines until late January of this year. I came across their Glorietta 5 store one day as I was making my way to INGLOT and of course I rushed right in there and started smelling everything.

HARNN supplies lotions, massage oil, bath products, candles, and perfume oils, among other things, to some major hotel spas around the world so the quality is ace. Of course the products are available for personal use as well, so you can have that spa night right in the comfort of your own home. The scents and aesthetic of the store are inspired by Asia and everything from the store design to the packaging and the scents of the products totally has that “oriental” feel. That just screams relaxation to me and I could not resist picking up a couple of things from the store, which looks a little something like this:

HarnnStoreGrabbed this photo off of Google, but it gives you an idea of the general feel of the store, which I totally think is part of he experience. The Glorietta 5 branch (there’s on in SM Mega Mall, too) is pretty small but it still feels spacious. So the two things I picked up while I was there are the Oriental Herbs Hand Cream (950.00 Php) and the Celadon Aromatic Oil Perfume (1,300 Php). Both are fantastic products and if you’d like to read more about them, click on through! :)

Harnn2.HARNN hand creams are formulated to be ultra rich and nourishing while still being lightweight. There are several scents to choose from and they are all lovely, but the Oriental Herbs scent just appeals to me the most. Now this post is going to be slightly useless in terms of describing scent because I suck at that, so I hope it’s enough to say that this smells really refreshing and herb-y… lol. I’m sure there will be a scent for everyone, but the important part is of course that as a hand cream, this stuff is great!

Harnn4Even though the hand cream is super lightweight, my skin still feels well-hydrated after applying this. With very little work the cream sinks into the skin and does not leave any sort of oily or waxy residue. I have nothing against heavier hand creams but they are not typically the type that I will bring around in my bag because I just don’t have the time to let them sink in. Those sit beside my bed instead. 
Description and Ingredients. I picked up the 50g tube, but there’s also a smaller size available that looks to be about have the size of this one. The tube itself is made of that soft metal that Crabtree & Evelyn hand creams are also made of. It gives the product a vintage, luxe sort of feel but it is also extremely impractical as the material will “rip” at points in the tube that fold over. If you have the magical device called a crimper, then you have a better chance of keeping the tube in good shape.

Harnn5Moving on to the Celadon Aromatic Oil Perfume (again, 1,300 Php) which I love— this pretty little roller ball comes in a beautiful box and would make an ideal gift for titas and friends, but I could not pass up on getting it for myself because (1) I love roller ball perfumes, and (2) the smell is uhhh-mazing! It’s a mix of lemongrass and lavender, so it’s strangely invigorating and soothing at the same time. The website says it’s supposed to be a “relaxant and antidepressant.” The other scents are Amaranth Rose, Auburn, Light Cerulean, and Tropical Amber.  

Harnn6So pretty and compact! I love rollerball packaging because it makes travelling with the perfume and retouching  so easy! Because this is an oil perfume, it also tends to be enhanced in the heat (which there is an abundance of in this country, of course).

I’m thinking I might go back to HARNN some time this week to pick upa set of goodies for Mother’s Day. If you’re still thinking of what to get your own moms, HARNN would be a good place to look I think! :) If you guys have any faves from the brand, do share them in the comments section! I’m excited for my next visit already!

3 responses to HARNN Oriental Herbs Hand Cream + Celadon Aromatic Oil Perfume

  1. Pat

    I love rollerball perfumes too! Such a convenience and I feel like I’m not overapplying it since I just use a maximum of one swipe.

  2. Pam. Morgan

    I have benn looking to purchase Harnn Oriental Herbs products in Canada but can’t find available in a store or even on the Internet. Do you know if it is available in North America?

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