Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick

RCB1While Revlon is without a doubt my favourite drugstore makeup brand, I only had one lipstick from this particular range of lippies before last week. What happened? A sale happened. Lol. The Super Lustrous Lipsticks went from 450.00 Php (a reasonable price to begin with) to 350.00 Php, so I picked up four new ones to join Pink In The Afternoon, which I have had for over a year now.

There was no rhyme or reason to the way I chose these shades… they just kind of called out to me. I also only picked shades in two of the four finishes the range has to offer: shine and creme. The other two are matte and pearl. Again, no real reason for it… just was not in the mood for mattes, I suppose. They are supposed to be excellent in formulation though! RCB2Two pinks, two plum/berry shades, and a brown. Mink, a beige shade with neutral-cool brown undertones, is by far the most interesting of these shades (to me). On anyone darker than me, this would make a very nice nude. On my skintone or on lighter skintones, it screams 90s, which I kind of love. Plum Velour and Berry Couture are typical choices for me, while Pink Sizzle is a bit outside of my comfort zone. Pink In the Afternoon, which again I have had for some time already, is a shade that will work on everyone but in different ways. 
RCB4Before anything else, lemme show you my fave thing about the packaging: the clear tops. Lots of lipsticks have ways of showing you the shade inside without having to open the tube, but none (to my knowledge) are exactly like this. It can get a bit gross when your lipstick is nearing the bottom of the tube, but it definitely makes it easier to pick a shade when you’re looking a them in a store! Most Revlon displays in the Philippines will have testers out, but that’s not the case in the US, so clear tops = mega useful. RCB3Anyway, once again, here are the shades I have! I’m quite happy with the range overall, but the individual shades perform differently of course. I think the creme finish in general is fantastic. Notice also that they have slightly different packaging. The brand name is larger and the gold band running across the bullet is thicker on Mink and Pink In The Afternoon, while the three lippies with “shine” finishes have smaller logos and gold bands. I like the thicker band and larger logo combo better as it sort of gives the product a vintage feel. Again, no idea why there’s a difference since they’re all from the same range– if anyone knows, leave me a comment please!RCB6Swatched on my NC40 skin.

Plum Velour is a “reddish plum-berry with a luminous, lightly glossy, sheen.” (all shade descriptions in quotations are from Temptalia) The coverage is quite sheer but the colour builds to a nice intensity with a juicy shine. This is a very “fall” shade in my opinion and I think I will get a lot of use out of it come the latter half of the year. It wears well for several hours but will not last through a meal. That’s always fine by me as long as the colour comes off evenly, which this one does.

Berry Couture is “a cool-toned, fuchsia-berry with a soft shine.” If Plum Velour is a Fall type of shade, Berry Couture is totally a Spring type of shade.  The fuchsia in Berry Couture comes up strong on my lips and I sort of detest fuchsia on its own, so the slight plum tint saves the shade. This could actually pass as a “radiant orchid” kind of shade, but in a much more wearable finish than the Cover Girl lippie I recently showed you guys. As with Plum Velour, the coverage on this was buildable and it yields a shiny finish.

Mink is a beige with a lot of brown in it. In the tube it looks like there could be a hint of pink in there, but on the skin it’s clearly a straightforward dark beige. The formula and pigmentation of this shade are incredible–glides on like a dream, gives semi-opaque to opaque coverage, and wears comfortably. It’s a bit of a challenge for me to wear, but challenge. freaking. accepted. I feel very 90s when I have this on, and I’m trying to figure out the best way to balance it out to make a not-so-dated look. I’ve read many reviews online saying that Mink makes the perfect nude for girls with darker skin. On lighter skin, this could work for a straight-up Kate Moss from the 90s look OR you could actually mix this with other shades (another thing I’m playing around with).

Pink In The Afternoon is a warm medium milky pink. I bought this because I thought it would go well with a silver & black smokey eye, and it totally does– but that’s about it. I never really use it otherwise. It is one of the Revlon “cult fave” shades though, and I can see how it would look great on girls with lighter skin. As it is a creme formula like Mink, the formula is nice and comfortable to wear plus pigmentation is great.

Finally Pink Sizzle is a watermelon pink/red shade with a juicy finish to match it. I love the colour for summer, but sadly this is the most difficult of the bunch to work with. There’s a little too much slip so the formula doesn’t really stay on the lips for very long. The colour doesn’t quite show up when you use a thin layer, and if you try to build it up too much it will be patchy.

RCB5I’m kind of bummed that the formula of Pink Sizzle was disappointing because the colour is beeyootiful, but 4/5 of these lippies are great so this mini haul was far from a failure. I’m definitely going to buy more of the creme formula in the future because their quality rivals MAC lippies. At 450.00 Php the Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks are already a steal, and on sale at 350? Well it’s just a crime not to get your hands on one.

If you guys have any fave shades from this Revlon range, do share! I saw Cherries In The Snow and Fire and Ice while I was browsing through, but they’re both not really my kind of red. I’ve also been on the hunt for Black Cherry for ages now, but can’t seem to find it anywhere!

And no, I could not for the life of me think of any better title for this post than the one above. Lol.

10 responses to Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick

  1. I love the color Siren from this collection. I use it a lot during the summer. xD The colors you bought look amazing though, might be picking some up this weekend ;)

  2. I was about to sleep when this happened. Haha. I just couldn’t wait ’til tomorrow to read this! I have Pink in the Afternoon too and love it! I also own Mink and Fire & Ice! Oh, Fire & Ice is a beautiful red with some orange to it. It brightens up my face and although it has some orange, it makes my teeth look white. Is that weird? Black Cherry – I had to ask my brother to pick this up for me when he was in the States. Wine Not I think is similar to Black Cherry just matte. Pink Pout, Berry Rich, Fabulous Fig are also nice shades. Revlon is my fave drugstore brand, too!

  3. Jiji

    Lip swatches please! :) These look amazing. I’ve been lemming for the Plum Velour one – it looks awesome. :) I own Blushing Mauve, which has a pearl finish, and it looks like a MLBB shade ;)

  4. I think Black Cherry’s not available locally. I see it from time to time for sale on Bon Marche though. Really want to try it because I’m a huge fan of dark lips (MAC Diva, Tom Ford Black Orchid), but from what I’ve read, Black Cherry has too much slip. :)

  5. divinemzm

    Hi, I’m a new follower! I couldn’t agree more about wanting clear tubes on lipsticks, it would make choosing so much easier! Anyway, I like your blog and hope you’ll stop by mine sometime:)

  6. You have a great eye for browns; I loved Ingenue on you! OK I have you bookmarked as my lipstick guide. I am much too comfortable with corals and pinks. I like that I like your browns. There are so few people whose lipstick tastes I can relate to!

  7. Jae

    I have Pink in the Afternoon and it is the perfect pink! :) It’s my first Revlon lipstick actually, and I love it heaps. I want to try Coralberry and Fire and Ice next.


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