I’M BACK (and here’s what I bought)!

IMG_5174Sorry for being absent for so long, guys! I was in the US for a couple of weeks and I thought I would have time to put up some posts while I was there, but my schedule was just way too hectic. I got back last Thursday and had to get right back to school so (again) I have very little free time.

Anyway, here’s everything I got (beauty-wise) while I was there! :) I thought I bought tons of stuff, but seeing everything lined up, it looks like a lot less than I thought it was… still, there are loads of gems in there (and some duds, too) so I’ll be telling you guys about those for sure! :)

Hope you’ve all been well! Catch you in the next post. ;)

11 responses to I’M BACK (and here’s what I bought)!

  1. Jae

    Are those Dior Fluid sticks I’m seeing? :) Hope you review the Rimmel Stay Matte products.


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