My Top Two Target Finds

TTTF1.jpgI picked up a decent number of items from Target while I was in the US, but these two products have really stood out since I got home and started putting them to work: The Sonia Kashuk Eye Couture Palette in Eye On Neutral 02 ($19.99) and the NYC Smooth Skin Bronzing Face Powder in Sunny 720A (approx. $2.35) are both incredible products are incredibly low prices (considering how good they are). I couldn’t be happier with these babies and if you ever find yourself at Target, I suggest you grab them! No hurry because they’re not limited edition or anything, but the sooner you get your hands on them, the sooner you can enjoy using them! :) TTTF2.jpgThe Eye Couture Palette in Eye On Neutral 02 really is a thing of beauty. Sonia hit it out of the park with this one! If matte shades are your thing, then this is a great way to get twelve different shades all in one compact palette. Even if you’re not a huge fan of matte looks, it’s a very good idea to have some mattes to use in the crease together with your shimmery shadows. For the price (again, $19.99 before tax), it’s hard to find reasons not to pick it up.

I can only think of a couple of other all-matte palettes on the market today– theBalm’s Meet Matte Nude and a Viseart one. They are at least twice the price of this Sonia Kashuk option, but are supposedly also really great. TTTF3Swatch time! These look better when worn than swiped across my arm, but you’ll be able to see the variety of tones that you get in the palette. I’ve numbered them for this post, but the shades do not actually have names. 
TTTF4.jpg1 is a pretty straightforward stark white. I will probably rarely use this if at all, but it’s good to have for certain looks. 2 is slightly more yellow and less opaque. I like using it on my brow bone as a matte highlight. 3 is like an ecru kind of white… again, a shade I won’t be using too often except maybe to brighten up the inner corner (which I always do, but rarely with a matte).

The second row shades are definitely more usable. 4 is a peachy beige colour that makes a great “transition shade” and also an all-over-the-lid kind of base. 5 has a strong pink base. Tip: you can use this very lightly to set your under eye area if it’s very dark and dull. Emphasis on lightly, okay! 6 is an awesome shade. It’s a neutral-cool grey that I like to use to create a subtle shadow in my crease. It also works as a brow powder. TTTF5.jpgRows 3 and 4 have the three shades that I use most often. TTTF67 is a warm, dirty kind of brown; perfect for use with bronze shimmery shades as a crease definer. 8 is a neutral grey that’s a tad bit darker than 6 is and might have a little more warmth to it too once it hits the skin. 9 is true cool grey-brown. 10 is a is a sooty, lahar-like grey. I was surprised at how much I like it–I actually use it all over my lid with 9 in the crease to define. 11 is the only semi-dud of the bunch. I mean look at it, haha. And 12 is a fairly good matte black. It works well as a liner and blends with ease. TTTF7.jpgMy second pick from Target is the NYC Smooth Skin Bronzing Face Powder in Sunny 720A. I had heard so much about this from YouTubers that I had to pick it up even if it looked a little too light for me. It was under $3 so what the heck! And I’m glad I picked it up because it’s suuuch a beautiful consistency. The packaging is flimsy as anything, but the product is incredible. TTTF8.jpgIt reminds me of my Guerlain Terracotta bronzer which is 10x the price. Neither can replace the other in my collection, but now I have two awesome bronzers, yay!


4 responses to My Top Two Target Finds

  1. Can’t wait to receive my SK Eye on Neutral in the mail! Ordered it a while ago. Too Faced also has an all matte eyeshadow pallette.

  2. Sonia Kashuk has some really nice products. I wish my Target wasn’t so far away. The Palette looks really nice >.< I have heard so much good things about the Sunny Bronzer but it sadly breaks me out. :(

  3. That’s great payoff on the Sonia palette :) I was looking at Viseart the other day and it seems to me like this is only missing that strange orange shade.. I don’t know if that’s completely crucial but this seems like a nice alternative.

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