Introducing: The Julep Plie Wand

If you’re like me and you love painting your own nails instead of having them done at a salon, this post is definitely going to interest you. I do still go have my nails professionally cleaned about once a month, but I actually prefer to paint them myself. Years of being nail polish obsessed (I used to post more NOTDs–should get back into that!) have made me very particular about the way it’s done. I think I’m pretty damn good, but the struggle to paint with my non-dominant hand is all too real. So when Julep got in touch with me to tell me about this newfangled contraption of theirs called a Plie Wand that supposedly “solves common polishing pain points” to “give you better results,” I was all ears (or eyes, if you prefer, as it was an e-mail I was reading).

PlieBrushHere she is! Julep describes the Plie Wand as “an ergonomic nail polishing tool designed to solve common polishing pain points and give you better results.” The tool fits onto Julep nail polish bottles, which I admittedly don’t own, but wish I did. They have an amazing-looking selection and as far as I know, they’re sold in Julep parlors across the USA and also in Sephora.

So why am I even sharing this, you ask? Well, I do have American readers and I was genuinely excited to hear about the product so I thought why not. If I ever get the chance to pick it up in the future, I will. As early as this point in the post, I want to make it clear that even though the brand contacted me, I am not being compensated for sharing the info in any way. Again, I just genuinely wanted to share an interesting product launch. Plus, I believe this is a crowd-funded product. Pretty cool! Now back to the Wand:


The idea is that the longer, adjustable handle will give you more control, comfort, and options as to the way you grip it and get leverage out of it. It’s a simple concept that looks incredibly promising, in my opinion. Watch it in action in this short video (btw, who else looooves watching nail polish glide onto a nail? #nailporn):

Pretty neat, huh? :) The Plie Wand is available starting today (June 25) on Julep’s website. I think the price is a little steep, but the brush can be cleaned and used on different colours so obviously you will only need one. The one major limitation is that it is limited to use with one brand–but then again, if it has to be so, then I’m glad it’s a brand with such a wide range of colours.

Again, this is not a sponsored review of any sort. I can’t exactly recommend that you buy the product because I haven’t put it to the test myself, but you guys can certainly share in my curiosity and excitement about it. I mean, why didn’t someone think of this sooner?!

Does the Plie Wand look like something you would try? :) And if you have tried it already, do leave a comment below!

One response to Introducing: The Julep Plie Wand

  1. Hey this sounds like a good idea! I think the long bendable handle could be perfect for use with the non-dominant hand. Not sure if the extra hassle of using a separate brush is worth it though.. When I was doing my nails frequently, my non-dominant hand was doing a pretty okay job after three months, heh.

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