My Favourite Body Scrub

StIves1…is a face scrub! I think it’s pretty difficult to find a good body scrub. Many don’t actually work so much as exfoliants as they are heavily scented tubs of goop. Plus, one tub can set you back anywhere from 600 – 1000 ++ pesos. The other alternative is to use a rough loofah or a brush with your usual body wash. That’s actually what I had been doing before I started using this St. Ives Apricot Scrub (223.00 Php at PCX). Now there is a version of the product meant for use on the body. It comes in a large tube and is priced at approximately 600 Php– pricier than this face scrub, for some reason. I think the exfoliating beads in the body scrub are slightly larger than those in this product, but I dislike when they are too large anyway.

StIves2.jpgI didn’t realize how freaky finger-scrape marks looked until I had these photos in my laptop. Lol. Anyway, don’t mind that!

I exfoliate my legs every other day and I get about a month and a half of use out of one tub, which contains a good 10 oz of product. Once a week I’ll use this all over my body and I love that the granules are neither too large nor too small, and consequently the scrub is never too harsh or too mild for use on the body. That said, I would never ever use a physical exfoliant like this on my face. Way too harsh! Limited to use on the body, this is fantastic stuff. My skin is always nice and smooth afterwards and the smell of apricots is a lovely bonus as well. 
StIves3The granules up close. These are NOT little plastic beads–they’re some sort of organic bit mx of Apricot, Corn Kernel Meal, and Walnut. Plastic microbeads were all the rage in exfoliants for a while, but they actually did a lot of shit for the environment. After going down the drain, they’d make their way to riverbeds, beaches, and formed a foreign part of water sources. Organic matter as exfoliants are supposed to be more abrasive (in the bad way) on the skin, but these don’t hurt at all and I sure as hell am not willing to worsen the environmental situation on this earth for the sake of smooth skin.

Bottom line is that this face scrub makes an excellent body scrub. This is the “blemish control” one but there’s also a “fresh skin” one on the shelves. What are your fave body scrubs? :)

4 responses to My Favourite Body Scrub

  1. I love the green tea variant for my face. :) It has sand as an exfoliant, I think, so it’s way less harsh than apricot shells.

    • Rae

      That’s interesting. I’ve been trying to find non-polyethylene bead scrubby bits and sand seems like an awesome alternative. I don’t think I need to physically scrub my face but sometimes it feels great to do it, kind of like sheet masking.

  2. lizandlifestyle

    This stuff is amazing my boyfriend uses it and I steal it lol

  3. Yvane

    I have been wondering about using the same scrub for my body since I’ve been loving it for my face… I will try this the next time I get another one.

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