Wanna See Something Pretty?

BBLS1Allow me to kick off your Monday with some makeup porn. Picked up this gorgeous Bobbi Brown Lip Color in Wine a few days ago and I am just in love with the packaging. Story behind the random purchase after the jump!BBLS2I was on the hunt for a deep, almost blackened red and what I had in mind was actually a Laura mercier shade called Merlot, but I asked the sales ladies in Rustan’s if any other brand had similar shades to offer. Bobbi Brown had this from their collab with L’Wren Scott–who very tragically killed herself earlier this year. The collection she left behind is absolutely lush, much like the lifestyle she lived. Can all Bobbi Brown lippies be packaged this way please? I mean they are a pain to photograph, but a joy to pull out of a handbag!BBLS6Love that font!BBLS4And the colour. What a colour! The swatch below isn’t accurate; on my lips it comes out more like it looks on the bullet. Worn full-0n, it’s a full-bodied red wine. If you smudge it in, you get a nice subtle red that makes it look as though you’ve been drinking for a bit. 
BBLS5Don’t you love a good red? :) And yes, makeup purchases pick me up when I’m having a bad day, but this one was happily a purchase in celebration of a good day! Hopefully this week will be worth celebrating too.

Are you guys more inclined to make a purchase when you’re in a certain mood? :) Also, do you prefer bright or deep reds? Share please!

9 responses to Wanna See Something Pretty?

  1. This is gorgeous! I definitely prefer deep, vampy shades over bright shades. I may have to check this out. I have never tried a Bobbi Brown lipstick.

  2. Just in time for fall. Personally, i prefer a lighter shade fr her collection, but I can totally picture how gorgeous this’ll look on you! :)

  3. I like to buy makeup when there’s a sale. Haha. But I really love your lipstick! I truly prefer deep reds, they give more depth and feelings.

  4. Lyke Breks

    OMG. Who is this BLOGGER?!

    I am more inclined to make purchases when I am stressed out! I think a deep/dark red is better for darker complexions while a bright red looks good on fair complexions (like Angelina Jolie!)


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