In The Comfort Zone

CZ1Wet n Wild’s eyeshadows are known for being kick-ass and (super) affordable at the same time. I have a few of their trios, but this Comfort Zone palette ($4.99) is the first of their larger palettes that I’ve been able to get my hands on. This and Petal Pusher are the most popular, I believe.

Popular products are popular for a reason, folks. This is probably one of the more unique palettes I own, although I do tend to be conservative when it comes to palettes (i.e. I like neutrals). The shades here aren’t out of this world either, but they’re nuanced enough to merit a closer look. 
CZ7From just looking at the palette, it seems like the shades on the left column go together and the shades on the right column go together. What I mean by that is you could get no-brainer combinations by using each column exclusively, but it’s also really fun to mix everything up. You certainly don’t have to follow the embossed words on each shadow, which suggest a specific use for the shades. CZ3I decided to split the shades into lighter and darker instead of talking about them by column. I’ve also numbered each shade as “Eyelid 1” and “Eyelid 2” and so on. The lighter shades are good across the board, but they benefit from being applied over a primer. Without it, you’ll see fading at about the 5th hour of wear. With a (good) primer, expect to be rocking a look using these for a solid 12-hour day!
CZ4Browbone 1 looks like a standard shimmery white in the photo, but it actually has a yellow undertone to it. It’s a beautiful highlight to wear down the bridge of the nose, on the inner corner of the eyes, and on the cheekbones because yellow highlighters sort of mimic moonlight. In dim lighting it is especially beautiful. :)

Browbone 2 is a muted grey with warm, gold shimmer running through it.  The balance of a neutral-cool grey with warm shimmer make for a very unique shade; I don’t think I’ve seen anything else quite like it. I use this all over the lid and then I define the crease with a matte taupe-brown. It’s subtle enough for day-to-day, but unique enough so as not to bore one to death (lol).

Eyelid 1 isn’t particularly exciting–it’s your standard wash of pink for the lids. It is, however, very nice in terms of texture. Not too much, not too wish-washy, and not too subtle.

Eyelid 2 is a greyish moss green. I imagine this would look amazing on someone with hazel eyes. I like using it with Crease 2 to get a full-on there’s-a-forest-on-my-eyes look.
CZ5 The four darker shades are also really great. Same things to note about wear time, but these are more pigmented in general.  CZ6Crease 1 has to be the most boring shade in the palette. I feel like everyone has this bronze in their collection already. But it’s nice and buttery and I guess one can’t complain about having it on-hand in a palette. It’s a pretty, yellow-gold bronze (does that make sense? haha).

Crease 2 is a bit difficult to describe–a muddy black with gold and green shimmer, I suppose. It looks like a forest green in the pan and then comes out smokey when swatched. This is probably best used only as a crease colour, but maybe as a liner as well.

Definer 1 is another shade that looks different in the pan and when swatched. The base of the colour is actually a cloudy brown, but there’s some red tones and bronze in there as well. Best used as a crease shade, but it’s deep enough to use as an eyeliner for sure.

Definer 2 is the star of this palette. I always think “Dragon!” when I see it (lol). It’s a burgundy red with some blue-green and silver shimmer running through. UHM, I’m in LOVE you guys. If you see a shade like this and think “where on earth am I going to wear that to?” I say ANY DAMN PLACE! You don’t need a good reason to wear such a gorgeous shade! :) 
CZ8If you can get your hands on this palette, I highly suggest that you do. The shade range is unique and would probably suit a lot of skin tones as well as personalities. It’s a palette that you can really play around with precisely because of the variety. And hello, Definer 2 alone makes this palette kick-ass. Add Browbone 2 and that makes it just a crime to not have this.

Do you guys have this palette in your stash? What do you think of it? :) I get the feeling it has a polarizing effect!

(And yes, I went there with the title. Lol.)

7 responses to In The Comfort Zone

  1. This palette is definitely one of my faves! With a primer I get amazing wear out of these. And they’re so pigmented!

  2. somelovelybacon

    I just bought this last month and I am loving it! It isn’t available in WNW counters in the malls here for some reason, and I’ve noticed WNW is no longer in the cosmetics section of Watsons, though I think they’re still in Landmark. Anyway, this particular palette is so hard to find in the Philippine but if anybody’s interested, Purebeauty (Alabang branch) has them, and I think their shop in Glorietta also has it, but the shop is called Beauty Cocktails. :))

  3. I don’t have this yet but I might not need it because I got my long-coveted Lorac Pro, YAYYYY! But it does look good, I’ll give you that. I think if I need color I can shop from the wilder selections (I’m sure they have a few)

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