New-In From Ellana*

If you haven’t been to the Ellana website in a while, you might want to pop over and check out their awesome new site design! It’s very sleek and pretty and they’re constantly keeping things up to date. The eyeshadow quads are back in stock and you can now order a (free) sample set that includes the entire range of  foundation and setting powder shades. How awesome is that? I actually placed an order for a quad and a sample set recently, but let’s save that story for another day. Right now I want to show you guys the goodies I took home when I attended a little get-together/event for Ellana a while back (you’ll see the fruits of that soon). nem1Everything came in a rectangular makeup bag that looks unassuming but is actually really great for holding makeup because it keeps its shape. I’m pretty sure Liz (of Project Vanity) chose it as she once wrote a post about makeup bags where she pointed out that this particular shape was great for carrying makeup. I’ve been using it ever since I got it so thanks Liz and Ellana! :) More about the cool bits inside after the jump. :)

nem21. Translucent Finishing Powder in Espresso Con Panna – I had always wondered just how much coverage Ellana’s setting powders yielded–and now I know that it’s a fairly decent amount. With the full coverage foundations you can definitely customize the coverage depending on the brush you use, but the setting powders are great if you have good skin to begin with. You get the same awesome texture as you do with the foundation, but you don’t risk covering too much if you have a heavy hand. Again because it is translucent, you get more of a glowing finish from this.

Espresso Con Panna is the only shade for “warm tones.” I’m not sure that it would suit ALL warm-toned girls out there as it is on the deep side, but it might just be translucent enough to do so. There is also an oil-absorbing version in the same colour.

nem42. Multipurpose Eyeshadow in Brilliance –  Awesome pigmentation and smooth texture. I’m not too sure what other purposes I could use this product for other than as an eyeshadow, but other colours can be mixed with a clear gloss to make a lip colour… or dusted on other parts of the face. There are other possibilities I’m sure, but I’ll leave that to the MUAs of the world!

3. Lip & Cheek Palette in Diva – Every time I see this I automatically think: “J. Lo!” Haha. I have actually been using this as a lipstick more often than as a cream bronzer. On my lips I mix it with a clear gloss so that it isn’t too opaque and too… 90s. The best think about using a brown on the lips is that it totally mutes out red tones–and as I have mentioned many a time in the past, my lips pull out the red in anything. So when I want a truly nude/beige lip, I have to pick out a brown. Mixing Diva with a clear gloss in whatever proportion I want means that I get a custom colour. Love it! nem34. Strawberry Vanilla Lip Scrub – This stuff smells heavenly! Unfortunately I ended up being allergic to it, but I like the idea of having a lip scrub around. Very useful for preparing the lips for a bold colour or even just for a nice pampering night once a week.


As I mentioned earlier, I ordered even more Ellana stuff recently. Their range is deceptively small-looking, but so many of the products are just hiding in little corners of their website. I highly recommend spending a free afternoon exploring or something, hehe! Also, I totally owe you guys lip swatches and FOTDs. Working on it! Stay tuned. :)

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6 responses to New-In From Ellana*

  1. Pat

    I got that exact same bag as a gwp, and I can’t imagine being without it! As someone who sometimes has to apply an entire face of makeup, this roomy bag is quite quite handy.

    • Mariana – Author

      Always nice to hear from other Ellana lovers. <3 I'm not crazy pala for loving it so much. haha

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