Gimme, gimme! NARS Audacious Lipsticks

To celebrate their 20th anniversary, NARS is launching a new line of lipsticks. The Audacious Lipsticks (for lips so shamelessly seductive in touch and texture, the the sensation is absolutely audacious!) will come in 40 (!) shades of mind-blowing perfection. These aren’t available yet, but if you know NARS, you know that the one thing they do absolutely perfectly is lipstick.
NARS1All of these photos are from Temptalia. I really do wonder how she finds the time to photograph, swatch, and review every single product she receives… it’s a problem I’d be happy to have, tbh! Haha. The reviews of these babies aren’t complete yet, but thus far I don’t think she’s graded a single shade lower than an ANARS3Now I have a very love-hate kind of relationship with NARS. From reading reviews, nearly everyone out there does. If you want to play it safe, do stick to the lipsticks and blushes. Eyeshadow, liner, and nail products are hit-and-miss. As for their complexion products, I just don’t think it’s meant to be between me and NARS. That’s a story for another post though.

NARS2As you’re reading, I hope you’re enjoying these photos as much as I am. I mean, wow. 40 shades and each of them looks incredibly well thought out. I am also loving the shape of the lipstick bullet itself; the one flattened face with “NARS” carved into it is going to make it almost as difficult to start using the product as it is to refrain from using the product. What a beautiful conflict. 
NARS4Packaging on these also looks promising–they don’t look to be in the rubberized crap that NARS usually puts out! I could be wrong, but let’s cross our fingers for it. Hehe. Anyway, these will be out some time in September (hopefully deliveries to our local counters won’t be too delayed). Check out Temptalia’s sneak peek posts (here and here) to see some lip swatches, and keep checking her page for the full reviews.

Here are my personal picks from the line (again, all photos from Temptalia):

AudaciousPicks.Liv and Vivien are probably my top two picks, but these all look pretty damn awesome to me!

Which shades do you guys have your eyes on? :)

Edit: I eventually picked up Deborah and Vivien. To see my review, click here. :) 

6 responses to Gimme, gimme! NARS Audacious Lipsticks

  1. I… love… EVERYTHING! Why do I have a strange, know-it-all intuition that everything will work with all skintones (who the fuck am I to know?) Aaaa! BTW, it was nice seeing you at Burt’s. Hope to catch you again soon :)

  2. wow, stunning collection! curious to try them on the lips as well…sometimes lipstick don’t look always the same on anyone…

  3. Max

    the cut of the lipsticks are to dieeee for!! I NEED at a piece of these beauties. or 2. or 3. or all 40. HEHE

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