Brand & Product Reveal: PIXY Cosmetics

PIXIe1Around the beginning of August, I got to attend the official launch of the Japanese brand, PIXY cosmetics. This isn’t the first time I’ve encountered PIXY though. If you remember my April BDJ Box, then you’ll have seen some of their products already. What surprised me most about PIXY back then was the price range–everything is very affordable (still is, obviously). This time around I got to know more about the brand and the products from Mandom Corporation’s (distributor company) CEO and Xeng Zulueta, one of the bigger names in the local makeup industry. PIXY 6AUG14 PRODUCT LAUNCHCEO Hiroyuki Mitsuoka in the grey suit and Xeng Zulueta in the leopard-print scarf. Also in the photo are the marketing heads, product planning specialist, and the two demo models. PIXY really set out to say “we have arrived!” with this event, and it’s always nice to see brand heads being hands-on.

PIXIe3While I did not get to stay for lunch, I did catch the makeup demonstration. I learned several new things from Xeng, but the most important thing I picked up was how to use a two-way cake foundation. I had always been confused as to what that actually meant… turns out that two-way foundations can be used in, well, two ways: wet and dry. For heavier coverage, you’re ment to dampen a sponge and use that to apply the foundation to the face OR you can mist water onto the skin before you swipe on the foundation using a brush. Xeng employed the latter technique for the demo and the results were beautiful. She used the PIXY UV Whitening Two Way Cake Perfect fit. PIXIe4I also learned that the thickest skin on your face is your cheek area. I always thought it was the T-zone! So while you can afford to build up coverage on the cheeks, leaving the foundation on the rest of the face as light as possible is key for creating a more natural look. To complete the look, Xeng used a light wash of eyeshadow, tons of mascara, and a matte PIXY lipstick smudged into the lips. To touch-up throughout the day, use the foundation dry so it can sop up excess oil. PIXIe2The adorable bucket of goodies that I got to take home that day! :) Photo from my instagram account.

PIXIe5I’ve been getting to know the products over the past couple of weeks and I’ll be giving a separate overview of them, but I can tell you now that the lipsticks and the foundations are items to look out for. You can find PIXY at Watsons branches nationwide. For more information, check out the PIXY Facebook page. :)

Thanks for having me, PIXY team!

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  1. As I like your posts and style, I’m so happy to give you the One Lovely Blog Award. Check it on my blog to know more and don’t feel necessarily ‘pushed’ to follow up. I mean, if you’re very busy or you don’t feel like posting similar topics, it will be ok for me. Cheers!

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