Right Up My Alley: Happy Skin’s Honeymoon Glow

HSna1Happy Skin recently released some new additions to their permanent line up and I may have been a little too excited to get my hands on some of it. Seriously, they know how to make a girl want something. I picked these up the day after they hit the Rockwell Beauty Bar branch, I think. “These” are the new Zit Zapper Second Skin Cream Foundation (1,299.00 Php) and one of three new permanent Shut Up & Kiss Me Lippies: Honeymoon Glow (499.00 Php).

I’ll give myself a while longer to get to know the ZZ Cream because it is a base product, but for now I can show you the beauty that is Honeymoon Glow:HSna2As some of you might remember, I have three other SU&KM (lol) lippies — all from the limited edition Turn Up the Heat Collection (see that post here). The limited ed. lipsticks are slightly more pricey than the permanent ones at 549 Php as opposed to 499 Php. I don’t know if I like or dislike that; just something to note, I guess. Of the three new permanent shades, Honeymoon Glow was really the only one I was drawn to. I saw it and I knew it would look way better on me than The Morning After did (again refer to my old post to see), although that gorgeous nude-y mauve has its own time and place as well.
HSna3Happy Skin describes Honeymoon Glow as an “earthy nude.” I’d say that’s apt, as there’s quite a bit of beige in the shade, but there’s also a lot more pink in there than I expected. It’s about two shades darker than my bare lips and it really reminds me of a lipstick I actually already own (as you’ll see later on below).

Happy Skin lippies boast triple service: moisture, shine, and crazy-ass pigmentation levels. The shades vary when it comes to shine levels, but I like that Honeymoon Glow is on the cream-finish end of things. Now I would not say these are “moisturizing” as they do tend to dry out the lips as you touch-up throughout the day. The good news is that touch-ups should be few and far between given the strong pigment and creamy texture (assuming you’re not eating, too). hsNA4Here she is worn! I know, I really should post photos of me actually wearing products more often. I just get very frustrated with my lack of photography skills. Plus, when the colours don’t shop up quite right, I can’t stand it. Hehe. Anyway, Honeymoon Glow is a tad bit darker in person than it looks to be in the photos above, but you can see the pretty, creamy finish. This muted pink-brown is a shade I own a ton of, but in varying finishes and intensities. Observe: 
HSna5My ultimate MLBB, Revlon Pink Truffle, is the same-ish shade but in a glossy finish. Art Deco’s Western Columbine Velvet lipstick is nearly a dupe for Honeymoon Kiss, but is slightly more pink-toned and more dry in texture. And there’s also my Pixi Shea Butter Lip Balm in Natural Rose — the perfect product for a casual day out and for when I want a real no-makeup look. I love this kind of colour. You just can’t go wrong with it.

Happy Skin’s edge is in definitely in its branding. The products are packaged beautifully and they are conceptualized with fun and practicality in mind. I certainly enjoy the few items I have from the brand so far and I can see myself going along with the brand as they grow, but maybe at a slower pace as they seem to be growing so fast. I’ve been thinking about picking up their powder foundation and their mint green eyeliner, but we’ll see!

If you guys have faves from Happy Skin, let me know what they are! :) And if you have one or a few of the new items, share your thoughts on those as well. :)

5 responses to Right Up My Alley: Happy Skin’s Honeymoon Glow

  1. AHHHHH now I wanna get this for real. Lol I swatched it the other day and I had to peel myself away from the counter haha.

  2. They’re coming up with soooo many lip crayons it’s actually quite dizzying. Normally I wouldn’t care, but they have some sort of genius working on those shades- except the Kris Aquino release. That was a pretty big dud.

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