Battle of the Micellar Waters: Bioderma vs. Happy Skin

Presenting the only two micellar water makeup removers available in Manila. Yup, Bioderma has finally washed up on our shores and should be available in Watsons branches by later this month. Now when I bought the Happy Skin Make A Clean Sweep makeup remover, I wasn’t yet aware of that and so I thought it would have the advantage of being the only micellar water formula in the Philippines. That is no longer the case. The playing field has been leveled and now I can compare these formulas without feeling guilty about giving it to Bioderma, hands down. Here’s why:  
BMWWhat these two obviously have in common is that they are micellar waters. With enough cotton pads and micellar water, one can remove makeup without having to work over a sink. That’s because micelle molecules are a whole bunch of surfactant molecules clustered together that make the mild-but-powerful awesomeness that remove oil, dirt, and makeup from the skin. Surfactants, if you remember from your grade school science class, are those nifty molecules that make soap work. In micellar water, these dense packs of surfactants (the micelles) are like soap but are different in that they are activated by cotton pads instead of water. What do cotton pads and water have in common? They’re both hydrophilic. It’s pretty interesting and relatively simple (check this out for a more comprehensive but still simple explanation) but most people just want to know: relative to makeup removal, does it work? Yes. Yes, it does. 

It works so well that one bottle of Bioderma Crealine H20 sells every 6 seconds. Models especially love the stuff for the obvious reason that it’s incredibly convenient for use between shows/shoots. Celebrities and regular people like myself (because yes, we can lump those two together if we wanna lol) love it because it feels just like water but does the job of removing makeup so easily. Plus Bioderma abroad is cheap as chips. No word on the local pricing as of yet, but I’m hopeful the patong won’t be too high. Another great thing about Bioderma is that I don’t feel any residue after using it, which is awesome, but it’s still not the best way to cleanse your full face every day so I do tend to just use it to remove eye makeup. I soak a cotton pad, press it to my eye for about 15 seconds, and gently sweep everything off. No irritation from the formula, no need for excessive tugging, and no oily residue. 

To be fair, Happy Skin’s Make A Clean Sweep Revitalizing Micellar Makeup Remover (599 Php for 100mL) is up against the best of the best. Still, I was just disappointed by the product in more ways than I thought to expect. Starting on a happy note, the packaging is top quality and the design is beautiful. I appreciate the pump and that the plastic used is thick and sturdy. The bottle, while pretty and well-designed, contains only 100mL of product. That’s the first negative thing I have to say. The Bioderma bottle beside it might not have a pump or feature cute coloured plastic, but it holds a full 150 mL more for a total of 250 mL. And that’s Bioderma’s small bottle (there is a tiny one for travel). This is important because you need quite a bit of micellar water per use — and even on that level, Happy Skin didn’t live up to Bioderma’s standards. I needed more of the Happy Skin formula to get it to work. That coupled with the smaller bottle meant that I was halfway through the Make A Clean Sweep Revitalizing Micellar Makeup Remover after just a week and a half of use. That’s crazy.

Formula-wise, Happy Skin added some Japanese Tea and Lotus Seed extracts to soothe and plump up skin. I don’t think I noticed either of those effects. In fact, I felt the mildest bit of irritation after use. It’s nothing major, but compared to Bioderma… I also felt that there was residue left on the skin after using the product, so I always had to rinse the area again afterwards. So yes, it worked. But… meh. Bioderma all the way.


Will keep you guys up to date on the availability and pricing of Bioderma products locally! Follow me on instagram for more frequent updates. :)

5 responses to Battle of the Micellar Waters: Bioderma vs. Happy Skin

  1. Here here for BIODERMA all the way!!! I’ve been a Bioderma use for over 2 years now and it never disappoint. I’ve tried Bifesta, it works but not the way Bioderma does. like the happy skin micellar, I needed to use more product for Bifesta whereas I only need about 2-3 drops of Bioderma to remove an eye makeup. Also, Bioderma just leaves my skin feeling fresh and hydrated, while Bifesta makes me want to wash my face right away.

    So excited to hear that BIODERMA is going to be sold in Watson’s stores very soon ^_^

  2. tropicthrill

    Bioderma all the way indeed, which is why I’m so excited they’re bringing the brand here officially!

  3. Max

    i totally agree! I was so excited to find out that a local brand has finally created a micellar water makeup remover but judging from the photo palang, I was already having second thoughts because micellar water products run out FASTTT.

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