Avon’s Sweet Honesty: The Relaunch of A Classic

ASH1I have memories of Sweet Honesty* from when I was a pre-teen. Looking through Avon catalogues (for training bras, which I might as well still be wearing today because I unfortunately didn’t develop much in that area, lol), I was always interested in all the pretty looking things. I was — and still am, to some extent — a girly girl. I remember one of my helpers actually bought me a scent for Christmas one year and I had forgotten what it was until Avon sent me this package recently. When I took a sniff of Sweet Honesty, memories from that time in my life came rushing back. Funny how scents have that effect, huh? It’s always nice to be reminded of happy times. :) 

Avon has since repackaged the fragrance and they’ve expanded the line to include Sweet Honesty Moments and Sweet Honesty Forever
ASH5They also sent me this lovely bouquet of flowers. Flowers never fail to make me smile, no matter who they are from. I love how the colours in this arrangement match up with the eau de toilette bottles too. Points for attention to detail! 
Processed with VSCOcam with a6 presetMax approves, too! He refused to leave me alone while I was photographing the bouquet, but I’m not complaining because he’s the ultimate cutie! ASH2The Sweet Honesty scents now come in sleek, curvy bottles, but you still get the same 50mL as always. They’re an eau de toilette, which means they’re nice and light. You will have to reapply throughout the day, but it’s nice that these can be used by girls and women of nearly any age. If you’e slightly more mature, Avon actually carries lotions, powders, and deodorants in these scents as well. Layering the products will make for a scent that lasts all day. Alternatively, they also sell cute little “purse concentrates” that you can tuck in your bag for touch-ups on the go. 

Each bottle of the EDT sells for 750.00 Php, but if you buy them this month (September 2014), you can get them at just 299.00 Php. That’s a craaazy good deal! Check out the September brouchure online or get in touch with an Avon lady ASAP! Now let’s talk about the fragrances: 

ASH3Sweet Honesty, the classic, is a light, powdery and slightly floral scent. It reminds me of newly-powdered baby bottoms and lampins

Sweet Honesty Moments (far left in the photo above) is a more mature but still sweet scent. It’s a blend of pomegranate, lilac, rose, and jasmine. I’d say the pomegranate is the most dominant of all the scents in this, but you get whiffs of lilac from time to time too. While nearly all of the elements are floral, the pomegranate gives a tangy kick to it. 

Sweet Honesty Forever (purple packaging) is a musky fruity scent. This one’s kind of funny, but I found that layering it withe Sweet Honesty makes for a more… rounded smell, if that makes sense.

Layering fragrances is something that’s actually really fun to experiment with. I do it often with my Diptyque Eau Duelle and Elizabeth & James Nirvana Black scents. Don’t hesitate to try it with these classic Avon scents! I can see myself playing around with these, depending on my mood. ;) 

ASH4So go on, live your life, create awesome memories, and let your fave fragrances go along with you! :) 

Again, you can check out the Avon brochures online by simply visiting avon.com.ph at any time, or you can go directly to this month’s brochure by clocking this! Thanks avon for bringing back memories! :) 


*PR Sample

4 responses to Avon’s Sweet Honesty: The Relaunch of A Classic

  1. MAX! What a cutie. I wanna cuddle :3 I’m not a super huge fan of Avon scents because I feel like they tend to be very “simple”.. but your idea of layering really intrigues me. I kinda feel like these scents would layer awesomely!

  2. I still have my old bottle, almost full! I have a lot of perfumes, and the classic one throws me back to my younger years. Still one of the scents I like to use.

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