Meet My New Frames from Get Glasses Online!

Some of you might already know that I need distance glasses for driving and…uhm, seeing things from a distance. Lol. I just started wearing glasses this year and it’s taken some getting used to, but I do appreciate that I can see the world in HD now. There was also the bit where I had to get used to having another accessory to take care of. I lost my first pair after just a month, and so I had to get my second pair in a hurry.

GGoldThese are my black Ray Ban frames. I love them but barely two months into owning them, I started thinking about getting another pair in a lighter frame colour. I sometimes feel a bit cartoonish in my Ray Bans, so I was looking at brown/tortoise shell frames and metal frames. Now there are a LOT of options for frames in Manila, but they can be pricey if you stick to branded frames. I personally don’t mind spending a bit for frames because hello, they go on your face. But there’s also a point where the patong (amount added onto base price) goes up way too high. I was seeing Dior, Tom Ford, Prada, and Chanel frames with prices jacked up to around 20k at times. So I found the frame I wanted, but I didn’t want to fork out an absurd amount of cash. Enter Glasses Online:

GG1When I found the website I was extremely pleased to see that they carried awesome brands at discounted and/or just lower prices in general. The carry brands like Persol, Carrera, Oakley, Ray Ban, and even Celine. And they don’t just sell frames for reading and distance glasses, they carry sunglasses and contact lenses too. The down-side to using the site is that you don’t actually get to try the frames on, but what I did to get around that was find the frames I wanted in a store, take the item’s code number down, and search Glasses Online for it. After some time, I found the perfect pair and placed my order. Two weeks later…GG2My Tom Ford babies arrived at my doorstep! <3 Shipping would have been faster if I had chosen a popular frame, but I had my heart set on this particular one. I adore Tom Ford as a designer (on a makeup-related note, I own no TF item just yet. Shame!) and I love the “T” detail that wraps around the edges of his eyewear, as you will see in a bit!  GG4Ohh, velvet case! One thing you get when you decide to spend on something is amazing attention to detail. That makes it feel super extra kadooper special! tfbabiesBehold! My Tom Ford FT 5142s (7,355.00 Php)! Yes, they’re shaped very much like my Ray Bans, but the tortoise shell frame makes for a more subtle look, plus the frame is also a smaller in width. I still use my older pair, but these have become my everyday frames. They’re beautifully crafted and weighted just right, and they also sit on my ears and bridge of my nose very comfortably. Wearing these is something I actually find fun and worth looking forward to. I am also determined not to lose these or break them, haha. 
GG6I think the true test of whether frames suit you well or not is wearing them with your hair pulled back. That way you can see how the frames work against you face shape and bone structure. I’ve found that wearing glasses when my hair is up also makes me feel a lot less “blah.” It also really helps to have them on when I’ve been lazy with my makeup — which goes to show that eyeglasses really are an accessory that can change your face. I was initially sad when I learned that I would be needing them (what happens to my pretty eye makeup looks?!), but I think this could be the start of a new mini obsession. So far I’ve stuck to a very safe and flattering shape, but I do want to pick up some more interesting frames in the future. GG5Details. Isn’t the “T” wrapping around the corners gorgeous? So subtle but so gorgeous! Some more photos of me wearing them: GG7Cameo by Greg! He’s not been on the blog in a while, I think. We’re in Baguio in the above photo. I don’t usually wear my glasses when I expect to be photographed, but seeing pretty views is more important. :) GG8But of course in this photo they’re on for the purpose of showing you guys. :) So there. I love my new frames and I love that I was able to get them at a reasonable price, with free shipping too boot.

Get Glasses has some ongoing promos that you can check out by visiting their page! Be warned: they have so many options that it’s easy to get sucked into the online shopping hole. Good thing it’s crazy fun to do, hehe! Here are some direct links to my fave brands:


Enjoy! ;)


8 responses to Meet My New Frames from Get Glasses Online!

  1. Pat

    Cute glasses! I like that it’s large, I want one similar to your black raybans. The challenge now is how to make your eye looks show through the glasses! :D

    • Mariana – Author

      Thanks! Yeah, at first I was overthinking that… and I might do a “makeup for people with glasses” type of post in the future, but I found that just NOT thinking about it so much works for me. :))

  2. MJ

    I was about to ask you where’d you get your glasses when i saw your new profile picture, good thing I searched your blog first. Hihi. :)
    They look very chic on you. Hope I can buy one that suits me too. Right now the shop you mentioned is way out of my budget. :p

  3. Jim

    You said you were concerned when you found out that you needed to start wearing glasses “what would happen to your pretty eye makeup?” Well pictures don’t lie and clearly our eyes couldn’t be more beautiful with your glasses. Having been an optician I understand completely what it’s like getting used to wearing glasses for the first time. It’s not just having your eyes adjust to seeing though lenses but also how glasses feel on your nose and behind your ears that takes some getting used to. Did you know when you went to get your eyes examined that you probably needed glasses or were surprised to get glasses? Being your first glasses i’m sure your prescription is rather weak, may I ask what your prescription is? At this point you have had your glasses most likely close to a year by now, so your probably due to get your eyes examined again. It is very normal for your eyes to change some so you will probably need s slight increase. But you seem to enjoy shopping for glasses so it will provide you another opportunity to go glasses shopping.

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