Can’t Say No To Pretty Things — Shiseido Ltd. Ed. Compact & UV Protective Foundation

I can’t remember the last time I bought something from Shiseido, but I feel like it’s always been a part of my life. My mom used both their liquid and powder foundations when I was younger and I remember the blue green and orange packaging distinctly. I also remember the smell, which is very … sublock-y, but not in an unpleasant way.  Still, I never really bothered with their base products. In part because I associated them with my mom (this is becoming less and less of a bad thing as I age), but predominantly because as a Japanese brand, their shade selection doesn’t extend into dark skin territory.

Recently though, while walking around the mall, this pretty compact sitting in the store’s window display caught my eye:

PSC1Definitely not the usual Shiseido blue green and orange. I couldn’t help but make a turn into the store to investigate. It’s shaped very much (if not exactly) like Shiseido’s usual compact cases, but the design is limited edition, inspired by the 70s, “Shiseido’s heritage, the summer ocean, traditional kimonos, peace, and eternity.” There was a second similar design but this one was calling my name. Strange, too, as I don’t usually gravitate toward blue hues. 
PSC2The compact foundation case is sold separately from the foundation and I had several to choose from (although not all of Shiseido’s foundations will fit in this case — just the round ones). I went with the UV Protective Foundation SPF 35 PA +++ (1,900 Php) because it’s supposed to be “very water resistant” and it came in the widest range of shades. 

PSC4Before we talk about the foundation itself, let’s have a look at the case again. It’s really quite the beauty and I enjoy the feel of it in my hands even if it is on the bulky side. It stays shut securely but it’s not difficult to flip open. The bright design also makes it easy to find in my bag (although my stuff is always in an organizer so I know exactly where it is, hehe). PSC5I knew I would be carrying this around for touch-ups, so I made sure to fill it with a foundation that has SPF. The UV Protective Foundation as describe by Shiseido:

Newly reformulated, this powdery foundation unites beautiful coverage with optimal broad spectrum sunscreen in a travel-perfect compact. Silky smooth texture glides on wet or dry skin to achieve a natural and matte finish.

With exclusive SuperVeil-UV 360TM technology and ProfenseCELTM to resist aging, Shiseido sun foundations protect skin from damage caused by external aggressors such as UV rays and dryness. Resistant to water and sebum, they provide a long lasting, natural-looking finish, while safeguarding skin’s beauty for the future.

The foundation can be used wet or dry, with wet application yielding a heavier coverage. The sponge that comes with it is top-quality and it’s what I use if I want to apply it wet. I just dampen the sponge and smooth the foundation onto my face with it, beginning with the areas that need the most coverage and then evening everything else out after that. Note that you should fully dry the sponge before placing it back into to compact. I don’t favor this method because it takes a bit more time to get things looking nice and natural, but if I ever get stranded somewhere and this is in my bag, I know i’ll be able to make my self look presentable using only this.

On all other occasions, I prefer to use my usual mineral foundation in the morning and use this Shiseido powder with a brush to top-up on coverage and SPF throughout the day. You can also use the sponge dry on targeted areas to achieve higher coverage.
PSC6The shade I have is S60 (Medium Beige). It looks very dark in the pan, but the SPF 35 makes it come off lighter once on the skin. That said this is not a foundation you want to be using in flash photography situations. It’s perfect for girls who are under the sun a lot (or if you’re just paranoid about sun damage like me).

As you can see, the packaging features a double layer set up, with the sponge sitting on a tray that flips up to reveal a mirror and the powder. It doesn’t make for the sleekest packaging, but I personally don’t mind it. Admittedly, it reminds me of my mom and I like that.

PSC7In these photos I’ve used the foundation to touch-up after a long, sweaty day out. The finish is not completely matte, but it does make me look put together again. I don’t have a “before” photo, but trust me when I say I was looking rather patchy beforehand. As I said earlier, my preferred method for touching up is with a brush. That gave me this satin finish and sheer to medium coverage. If you use the sponge, you will get heavier coverage. Either way, it feels lightweight and comfortable — things I’ll admit I was not expecting.

The Shiseido (sunblock-y) scent is definitely there and I do think that for some people it will be off-putting, but again because of the memories that link this product to my mother, I really don’t mind. You can also see a bit of the white cast from the SPF here, so again it’s not the best for photography. Still, it looks nice and silky in real life. 
PSC3I bought these at a promo price and I believe the promo will go on until the LE compacts have sold out, so you can check a store near you if you are interested in owning this beauty. At regular price, the compact is 998.00 Php and the foundation is 1,900.00 Php. With the discount, I paid approx. 2,100.00 Php instead of 2,898.00 Php. Still pricey, but not too bad for such good quality.

This was totally an impulse buy and I was swayed by the prettiness and by sentiment, but I don’t regret it in the least! What was your last impulse buy? Did you regret? Spill! :)

8 responses to Can’t Say No To Pretty Things — Shiseido Ltd. Ed. Compact & UV Protective Foundation

  1. What a cute little thing! It doesn’t look like a perfectly circle compact doesn’t it? Last impulse buy was a Zoeva brush set. No regrets because it called out soooo loudly to me :)) Here in my hands, it feels sooo dense and soft. Well worth it!

    • Mariana – Author

      It’s not perfectly round… it has an oval-ish/egg thing going on. :)) OMG I’m waiting for the Zoeva Luxe Complete set to be restocked in Luxola. Did you buy it from them or direct from the site? :)

      • That’s the set I got! :D I got from Luxola because it’s a teensy bit cheaper than the direct site, much more so if you apply any of Luxola’s constant discounts – I used Liz’s 25%. It’s a shame I didn’t hear about them earlier. I remember ignoring a 30% sitewide discount!

  2. So pretty! I love beautiful packaging for makeup products. My last impulse buy was from NARS and I don’t regret it in the least! In fact, I’m actually creating a shopping list for my next visit!

  3. I don’t think I’ve ever tried a Shiseido base.. Their line in blue packaging looked interesting to me at one point but I never got around to getting one. My last impulse buy was a Tory Burch lipstick. It’s so pretty I haven’t used it yet. It just sits on my desk all day so I can stare at it @_@ I also have the Zoeva brush set! It’s super worth it!!! :D But get the one with the bag for even more brushes plus bags :D

  4. Rae

    That’s the one thing I hate with the sun compact. I don’t seem to have the ‘right’ shade in this line. Everything looks ashy. I prefer the sticks.

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