My Ellana Blush Collection

EBA1It was really only right that I title this post the way I have… of the five available blush duos from Ellana, I have four. I don’t plan on picking up the last one (Flirtation/Fetish) in the near future because it looks a little too light for my skin tone, but I might be tempted to complete the collection one day. For now though, I’m quite happy with these four. You’ve already seen my review of Obsession/Fulfilment, and now I have Bunny/Ecstasy, Kitten/Peach Passion, and Light Roast/Butter Rum Coffee to add to the mix. Got them in Ellana’s awesome new packaging, too! EBA2Ok, so each of these will set you back just 460.00 Php and you essentially get two blushes in one so that’s an awesome deal, in case I need to spell it out for you. They are all extremely soft and pigmented, which is good in a lot of ways but it can also be a bit of a challenge to work with at times. Still, I love the shades Ellana put together and as you’ll see in a bit, these are definitely worth picking up. EBA5 bunnyecstasyBunny/Ecstasy are described as a “pale peach with rosy pink shimmer” and a “red copper bronze with copper shimmer.” Not exactly accurate descriptions, as Bunny has more of a warm pink base with gold shimmer and Ecstasy just a warm light copper. Ecstasy is definitely a bronzer, not a blush. These are summer shades in my mind as they both have a ton of shimmer. Still, they manage to look quite natural once on the cheeks. All of Ellana’s blushes look better after sitting on the skin for a while and a less-is-more approach to application is best. EBA4 kittenpeachpassionKitten/Peach Passion is my favourite of all the duos, but only for one side of the duo: Peach Passion. Kitten is a sort of bubble gum pink that I couldn’t care less for (incidentally I dropped this duo the other day and Kitten smashed into pieces, while Peach Passion survived, phew!), but Peach Passion? Oh Peach Passion! It’s the perfect beige with a warm peach shimmer running through it– it’s not quite light enough to be a highlighter but it’s not pink enough to be a flush-y type of blush. I hope that makes sense. Peach Passion adds dimension to my face without adding too much colour and I looooove it, love it, love it.

EBA3 lightroastbutterrum.jpgAnd finally, here’s Light Roast/Butter Rum Coffee, which is meant to be the contour + highlight duo. Light Roast is a warm, matte brown that I don’t really ever use for contouring. It is, however, great when used as an eyeshadow run through the crease when a look needs some warming up. If I had lighter (but still warm) skin, I imagine it would make a great contour powder for just under my cheekbones. Light Butter Rum Coffee looks like a scary, stark white in the pan (and even when swatched heavily), but if you use a very light hand or a brush with loosely packed bristles, it leaves only a golden glow on the skin. It is quite a strong gold, so it works best in low-light / dim lighting and not in harsh daylight.

EBA6My Ellana duos all in a row! :) As a duo, my top pick is Bunny/Ecstasy, but Peach Passion alone makes Kitten/Peach Passion the only absolute must-have of these babies. They’re all surprisingly more flattering than I thought they would be though, probably because they wear into the skin better throughout the day. It can take a while to learn how to blend each of these in properly, but the extra effort is worth it. I can’t think of any other blushes in this price range that come close to this quality and I definitely recommend that you check them out.

Have any of you guys tried and been surprised by Ellana blushes like I have? :)

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7 responses to My Ellana Blush Collection

  1. Pat

    Oooh I like that new packaging. Less likely to show the stains (as it will be apt to collect). I have the Light Roast/Butter Rum Coffee on my wishlist as well, just for practicing highlighting and contouring, but those other shades are pretty nice too!

  2. I got obsession and fulfillment duo.. For me, my favorite is fulfillment though I have not tried the other duos.. have been in-love with fulfillment for three years now!

  3. Rae

    I hope they sell this in pans lang and you’re able to pick out what you can put in to your palette.

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