Bioderma’s Long-Awaited Philippine Debut

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 6.00.42 PMTwo weeks ago (as my instagram post can tell you, hehe) I attended the official launch of Bioderma into the Philippine market. That’s right–it’s offish! You can now pick up the world-famous micellar water from the brand at Watson’s branches nationwide. It’s not just the Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution that’s come in, though. You can now enjoy Bioderma’s entire range of skincare. The brand launch was the perfect opportunity for me (and, consequently, you guys too) to get to know the brand better as a whole. After everything was said and done, I was beyond ecstatic to be able to say that this French brand has washed up on our shores.  P1150935The night before the press launch, Bioderma also held an event for dermatologists around the Philippines. The brand really focuses on helping the skin repair itself and remain healthy with the help of natural biological ingredients. Our host for the afternoon, Bianca Valerio, filled us in on the brand’s innovative approach to the world of skincare: with a model of healthy skin in mind, the concept of biological mimetism to guide, and a driven mission towards dermatological safety. Ok so now you are wondering: what is this “biological mimetism” hullaballoo? Well, Bioderma believes that skin should be self-correcting, self-healing, and self-sustaining. To get one’s skin to be all three of those things, you have to train it, in a sense. “The brand’s innovative research is grounded on designing molecules and processes that enable Biomimetic actions. This system triggers skin to reactivate its natural resources and mechanisms, and sustain itself against damage and external aggressors, the way it was meant to be.” Essentially by using ingredients that are already naturally present in the skin, Bioderma formulas reproduce and restore the skin’s natural biological mechanism. The products reactivate the skin’s natural resources to increase its own resistance to environmental imbalances and pathologies. They call it self-help for your skin, and it works. It really does!

P1150940These are the individuals we can thank for finally making Bioderma available locally. After Bianca, we have from left to right: Mr. Edmund Wa (Asia Pacific Regional Product Manager), Mr. Bruno Hostelet (Asia Pacific Regional Director), A lovely dermatologist who answered all of our questions (lol sorry), and Ms. Nikki Tang (DMark & DermAsia Corp. CEO and Founder).

As I said earlier, the whole line of skincare has come in from France. The ranges cover skin concerns of all types, and it’s worth a bit of time to get to know their names. When I talk about some of the products I have I will go into more detail, but for now here they are:

  • ATODERM – Dry to Atopic Skin
  • SENSIBIO – Sensitive, Intolerant and Allergic Skin
  • SÉBIUM – Acne-Prone and Blemished Skin
  • CICABIO – Damaged and Irritated Skin
  • PHOTODERM – Skin and Sun Protection

BiodermaLineupThese are the products that Bioderma very kindly filled my loot bag with.* I have at least one product from each range, so I can give y’all an idea of how each range addresses the concerns targeted. From L-R: Gentle shower gel and lip balm from the Atoderm range, Soothing Repairing Cream from the Cicabio range, Photoderm MAX 50+ Ultra-Fluid Sunscreen from the Photoderm range, Micellar Solution (for oily skin) and Pore Refiner from the Sebium range, and the world-famous Micellar Solution from the Sensibio range as well as an eye contour gel from the same range. I’ve been putting these to the test these past two weeks, but you know how most skincare takes a while to test out. What I can write about soon are the lip balm and the pore refiner. I use the pore refiner as a makeup primer and ohmygoodness you guys will want to watch out for that review. I also haven’t gotten any pricing information on these products other than for the Sensibio H20 Micelle Solution, which will sell for 1,299.00 Php for the 250mL bottle. A little pricey, but at least we won’t have to travel thousands of miles away for a bottle anymore. Lol. The 500mL bottle will also be available eventually. I’ve actually mentioned the Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution twice on this blog before: in my skin care regimen from 2013 and in a more recent comparison to a local micellar water (see those here and here). If you want a full review of the product, please do let me know because there are so many out there already. Or if you have a suggestion for a type of post I could do with it, that will be most welcome too. :) So hang tight for those reviews, but do go check out Bioderma in Watson’s stores! So happy the brand is finally here and I’m sure you all will love it too. :) Bioderma on Facebook  Watson’s on Facebook *As earlier stated, these products were provided to me free of any charge. That does not, however, affect any opinions stated here.

One response to Bioderma’s Long-Awaited Philippine Debut

  1. still waiting for Bioderma to arrive in Cebu!!! but I actually emailed a friend in Singapore to buy it for me, hehe Will update you once I finally get my hands on this micellar water =D

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