Forbidden Fruit: Happy Skin’s Christmas Lippies — Swatched & Worn!

Can you believe it’s only been a year since Happy Skin made its debut? I feel like they have just as much influence/presence as some older, more well-established brands already. They (Jacqe Yuengtian-Gutierrez and Rissa Mananquil-Trillo) have done such an excellent job at… well, everything. Of course, it starts with the products, but they’ve definitely got the marketing and business side of things down as well. It’s admirable to say the least and I only wish them the very best and of course thank them too for making such drool-worthy, exciting products. This is the kind of stuff the beauty-obssessed girl in me lives for, and what makes it 10x more awesome is that this a Filipino brand.

So yes, Happy Birthday, Happy Skin! :) I might not be the brand’s biggest fan (because omg some people go cray for these lippies and collect all of them), but I’d say I give them tough love for good reason (see: Battle of the Micellar Waters: Bioderma vs. Happy Skin) while still supporting them. ;) Now on to this Christmas set! P1160189Having this “Forbidden Fruit” set (1,399.00 Php) of Shut Up & Kiss Me Lippies brings the count up to 7 in my collection. You’ll remember the first trio I picked up back in the summer (Turn Up The Heat set) and Honeymoon Kiss, the only single shade I felt compelled to purchase. Happy Skin launched this set, a second trio called Sealed With A Kiss (1,299.00 Php), a set of pencil eyeliners, an eyeshadow palette (!), a corrector, and lip and cheek mousse all in one go in celebration of their birthday. Seriously it was a little much for me (in a good way) and I was palpitating at the thought of it all. I was at the mall while they were celebrating and I didn’t think any of the new products would be on counters yet, but a turn into Beauty Bar revealed Forbidden Fruit to be available. The lip and cheek mousses were also out, but I will hold out on buying those until I see some other reviews. P1160187This set, however, I could not pass up. I had already seen previews posted by celebrities and other beauty bloggers who had the pleasure of testing the product early, so I knew the shades would be of interest to me. I also love that Happy Skin puts their sets into really nice packaging. Tins are definitely mega cute, reusable, and let’s be honest: they up the value of what you’re buying. P1160188As for the shades that come in this set — WOW. Guys, do this: think about the outfits you want to wear during the holiday season and I promise one of these lippies will go with that outfit. They are rather “safe” but also just undeniably appropriate for a Christmas set. And the names! Too cute. Let’s go through them one by one so we can discuss texture, wear, and colour: P1160197Under The Sheets is a toasty-brown/nude with neutral to warm undertones. The colour reminds me of gingerbread men. This is the most slippery of the three, but it builds up nicely to a fully opaque, natural finish and it makes my lips look nice and plump. It’s very comfortable to wear and it’s a no-brainer to apply because against my skin, it is a nude.

I know people are going to ask, so the difference between this and Honeymoon Glow is that Under The Sheets is a lot less pink and a little more slippery. Both are or can be “nudes” on different people, depending on your skin tone. Honeymoon Glow is an MLBB shade on me (as my lips are naturally rosy) while Under The Sheets is a true nude. P1160194Naughty and Nice is a bright berry shade that has a muted quality to it despite being bright. The shade changes depending on what you’re wearing. By that I mean that if you wear a white top it will look a lot brighter, but if you wear a heather grey sweater it will come off more muted. The pigmentation is fantastic and it glides on softly, leaving a natural sheen to the lips. I find that all of these are more comfortable to wear than the summer collection lipsticks– I actually forget that I have them on after a while. Berry shades always look great on morenas, so I can see this shade being a hit with a lot of people. P1160196Mistletoe Kiss, ah Mistletoe Kiss. This is absolutely, totally, and definitely the red that comes to mind when I think of Christmas. Santa’s coat, Rudolph’s nose, decorations strewn across the house, glittery red Christmas balls hanging up on the tree… this is that vibrant, jolly, holiday red that we all know. As a lipstick, it’s a neutral red that will look incredible no matter who wears it and no matter what time of year you choose to wear it. Still, if you wear this for Christmas, it will make perfect sense. It’s (again) smooth, creamy, pigmented, and comfortable on the lips. P1160201L-R: Under The Sheets, Naughty And Nice, and Mistletoe Kiss. 

What a set. These come out to 466. Php each, which isn’t much cheaper than the regular 499.00 Php for a Shut Up & Kiss Me Lippie, but then again you get the nice presentation with the tin and all. You can also buy each shade individually. I would definitely love to receive the set as present, but that’s obviously no longer possible so here it stands as a suggestion to you guys. You could split the three to make stocking stuffers, but where would the pretty tin go?! Haha. HappySkinForbiddenFruitWorn in the same order as swatches above. Which shade do you guys think looks best on me? :) For me it’s a toss-up between Under The Sheets and Naughty And Nice! P1160183Happy Skin is available at Beauty Bar branches nationwide, select Plains & Prints stores, and also from their online store.

Aside from the products I mentioned earlier, there was also a large set called Served on A Silver Platter, which was a value set that included a mix of their products for just 1,999.00 Php. It’s already out of stock online though, so if you see it in a store, make with the grabby hands!

Also follow Happy Skin on instagram (@happyskin_ph) as they post quite often and share some interesting stuff, including comparison swatches and tidbits of info about the products. :)

So, which Happy Skin goodies are going on your Christmas list? Or what are you picking up for yourselves?! Lemme know in the comments section! ;)

7 responses to Forbidden Fruit: Happy Skin’s Christmas Lippies — Swatched & Worn!

  1. I *love* Under the Sheets! Happy Skin has the cutest packaging and the names of their lippies always makes me lol. Hopefully I can persuade friends to share shipping costs with me and we can have a Happy Skin haul together this Christmas.

  2. IMHO, Under The Sheets looks best on you. I would swatch this and maybe think it a little dark for me, but it looks natural on you.

    I’d want to get my hands on Naughty & Nice. First time I saw it, I immediately thought it looked interesting. That’s saying something as I found the Happy Skin lippie collection colors a little underwhelming. :p

    • Mariana – Author

      Same here about the original colours in the line! Which shades did you end up getting? I saw two in your instagram post! :)

      • I got… The Morning After twice! Haha. It was a pain in the bum to find that LE shade, so I immediately got one when I found a branch that still has stocks. I tried it out, then I went back the next day to get a backup. :p

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