NARS Audacious Lipsticks Review (Deborah & Vivien)

P1160020Hello, dear beauty junkies! :) Happy Sunday! Today I’m going to talk about the NARS Audacious Lipsticks (1,650. Php), which I have in the shades Deborah and Vivien. NARS released 40 (!) shades in this formula in celebration of their 20th anniversary. It was difficult to choose which shades to get as there were just so many to pick from, but it was easy to eliminate half before the selection process even began because those 20 were much too light. Still, from the remaining 20, it was an effort to make a shortlist of 10 shades (btw, I used Temptalia’s overview of all the shades to aid the narrowing down process).

When I visited the NARS counter to try the shades, I was disappointed by Liv and Ingrid, which are shades that I think a lot of people were really excited about. They were a bit difficult to work with and I had also just purchased MAC Smoked Plum, so I couldn’t justify picking up either shade. Another colour I thought I was set on but did not end up getting was Audrey, which is described as a “muted, warm-toned reddish-plum.” It just pulled way too red on me, and so Vivien (also muted, but more on the plum end) was what I picked up instead. As for Deborah, which is a “chestnut” shade… well, read on to find out why I picked her up. ;)

P1160046Here’s Deborah, looking very orange against my wood flooring. She’s actually a medium brown with very warm undertones and wasn’t even on my shortlist, but everything was pulling very red on me when I was trying them on, so I thought hey, let’s try the scary-looking brown! And guess what? I love it!

Formula-wise, Deborah is smooth as melted chocolate. Completely opaque in just one swipe, very comfortable to wear, and doesn’t leave too much of a stain (personally a peeve). Because my lips pull out red undertones, this almost looks like a deep brick red on me in some kinds of lighting. 
P1160050Looking back, getting Vivien was probably not the best idea. In the store it looked more plum than pink, but out in the real world (lol), it’s more pink for sure. I’m not the biggest fan of pinks, as most of you already know. Still, the texture is amazing and as far as pinks go, I like it well enough. This also gave full coverage in just one swipe and wore comfortably on my lips. Absolutely no complaints about the formula for both of these lipsticks, I just wish I had picked a different second shade. 
P1160055Swathched: Deborah and Vivien 

Look at that creamy goodness. NARS really hit it out of the park with these. I also have to mention that the packaging is exquisite– no more of that rubbery, dirt-attracting poop. The semi-matte finish of the packaging wipes clean easily and also features a magnetic closure, which is not the most practical but it’s definitely nifty. You also get that satisfying sound when the cover slides into place. It feels like a luxury lipstick in hand and it wears like one, too.
NARS audaciousWorn. Deborah might look uneven in this photo, but that’s just because my lips are slightly open and you can see my teeth peeking through, hehe. Chose that shot because you can see the colour properly–such a pretty terracotta brown! And on the right you can see just how pink Vivien looks on me. Not the worst kind of pink, but it’s still not my fave kind of colour to wear. P1160258Including this other photo of me wearing Deborah because it looks fuller and more opaque here. Paired with my camel sweater, I was feeling a bit of a vintage vibe coming through. It’s definitely a unique shade in my collection and I’m so glad I decided to get it. P1160052If you guys picked any of these up, Im curious to know which shades you picked! And if anyone is close my skin colouring (between MAC NC40 and NC42), is there any shade that you think would look like an actual nude? I sure couldn’t spot one! There are loads of beautiful reds to pick from though. :)

17 responses to NARS Audacious Lipsticks Review (Deborah & Vivien)

    • Mariana – Author

      Yes it’s a new line! :) Much more full coverage than the original formula, but also more expensive. Dolce Vita is a gorgeous shade! :)

  1. I didn’t realize we have almost the same MAC shade, I always thought you were way lighter than me. Although now I’m closer to NC 35 I think coz my NC 42 turns really dark on me but maybe that’s coz I’m acidic. Deborah looks amazing on you! I didn’t even think about trying it out. I did try Barbara and didn’t like it at the counter but I keep looking at my one photo of it. I think it’s a good nude but needs eye makeup which I rarely have on.

    • Mariana – Author

      I photograph much whiter than I actually am, but if I try ti use something lighter than an NC40 type of shade, it looks so bad. Haha! Yes I saw that post of yours about Barbara! :) Maybe it’s a matter of getting used to the shade? It looked alright to me… maybe I’ll try it on next time I pass a counter. :) They are running out of shades really quickly though.

  2. What is the scent like with this new formula? I have one of their original formula lipsticks and although I like the shade, I never wear it because to me it smells very artificial and sugary (like cheap candy). I can’t get past it. I was wondering if they had gotten rid of that with their new line?

  3. Rae

    The Audacious lispticks excite me! They made a lot of shades that are not quite common, like Deborah :D

  4. I got Dominique and Julie! I read on a blog that these are things you HAVE to try on, just because they can somehow change dramatically when worn. Love the shades you picked!

  5. paigeyeahh

    I have Vivien and did a review on it! It’s so weird–it looks so much darker on me and in the photos I have! So much so that it doesn’t even look like the same product. But I really like how it looks on you! :)

  6. Deborah looks really pretty. It does have the vintage feel to it, I’m a fan of brown lipstick but never venture into the deeper brown. More of a beige brown kind of gal. But your post makes me want to go out see Deborah by myself and there is a possibility going home with one. Sadly no NARS counter where I live. But I’ll look for it in the near future because a Sephora trip is already planned :p

  7. Andrea

    How odd, your tube of Vivien looks so much lighter than what I tried in the store & what I’ve seen on the internet! I know it’s quite a deep shade. Maybe you got a mislabeled one?

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