Her Royal Highness Princess Himeko Presents: Heroine Make Philippines

P1150551This post is long-overdue, but the news is still worth making a formal announcement: Heroine Make has come to Manila! :) For the brand launch, bloggers and press were treated to a lovely afternoon tea get-together, hosted by none other than Princess Himeko herself. P1150573Being a princess is hard work. You’ve always got to look poised, pretty, and overall presentable all the time. Good thing Princess Himeko is not only all of those things, but kind and generous as well– with her beauty tips, no less! Heroine Make is a Japan-based brand that anyone who has been to a Hong Kong, Japan, or Singapore drugstore is familiar with for sure. They’re best-known for their awesome mascara formulas and eyeliners, but they have lots of other products to offer and they’re all now conveniently hoard-able from Watson’s. P1150562Another notable thing about Heroine Make is the adorable packaging and the presence of a beautiful female character on most of it (Princess Himeko, duh). The illustrations are based on Shoji Manga, which features the “most emotional heroines.” Not necessarily in a bad way–they’re just in touch with their feminine sides. Some of the pictures even depict a crying princess–good thing the eye makeup is waterproof and can definitely stand up to a little crying bout. So yes, practical and pretty. Those are words I would definitely use to describe Heroine Make products. P1150565What did I tell you? Just looking at this stuff is enough to make me feel like a princess!P1150563The one thing I have not been able to try is their BB Creams — mostly because they probably don’t have a shade dark enough for my skin tone — but they do look pretty awesome! I have a powder and it is smooth as a baby’s bum, so if that’s any indication of the quality of their base products, then the BB Cream should be something to look out for. P1150552Goodies and bling fit for royalty, prepared for the Princess’ guests! P1150556Lots and lots of guests… I mean when you’re royal you obvs have tons of friends. P1150580We were also fortunate enough to see a demo of the makeup as applied by a pro. Again, all of the products are very practical and made with the consumer in mind.P1150655Goodies! An eyeliner, a mascara remover (in packaging that looks like a mascara tube itself!), a mascara, a powder, and some falsies. I’ve given all of these a go already so I can tell you that they’re awesome across the board. I’m particularly fond of the eyeliner and face powder, which I seem to pick up regularly. P1150656Close up of the illustration on the packaging. Tears are no match for the staying power of these products! P1150658Out of the packaging, everything still looks nice and pretty. For a brand that’s categorised as being on the more affordable end, you really get some nice attention to detail. Leave it to the Japanese to put the best into every little thing! So, you know the drill. Reviews will be up in time! For now, check out Heroine Make at Watson’s stores! :) Happy shopping!

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