Let’s (Really) Talk About Makeup [Part 1]

Letting Gemma (gemsmaquillage) kick off the conversation:
… and will follow up with my own thoughts, sooner or later. Feel free to leave a comment about Gemma’s video here though, if you like, but of course you can leave her a like and comment on YouTube directly as well. ;)

Happy Tuesday, guys! Hope you’re all doing well.

2 responses to Let’s (Really) Talk About Makeup [Part 1]

  1. Rae

    Just watched this video last night, or the other night. Didn’t know that many feminists has something against makeup and that many still thinks that the only reason why you would want to apply makeup is to attract men.

    Applying makeup is one of the things I love about being a woman. And I don’t want to be made to feel guilty about it.

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