MAC The Matte Lip: Living Legend

P1160207This is the MAC lipstick in the new matte formula that I mentioned in my review of Smoked Purple. I know, I know — it’s another dark lipstick. In my defense, it is that time of year that people in the West call “Fall.” This kind of vampy, plummy red is on-trend now for sure. I don’t tend to be sucked in by all trends… just the ones that suit me, in which case I’ll come back to it at any damn time in the year anyway.

So Living Legend (approx. 950 PHP), as I mentioned, is a reformulated matte. It’s one of eight shades released as part of the “MAC The Matte Lip Collection” which hit counters just this month. Of those eight shades, seven are limited edition (LE) and one is permanent (Heroine, which MAC is pretty much shoving down our throats at this point). It guts me that this particular shade is LE because I do rate it highly and I suspect that the other shades are just as lovely formula-wise (based on swatching at counters and reading other reviews). But MAC is pretty good at listening to their audience, so if enough people like Living Legend, we might still see it in other collections in the future or even as part of the permanent collection. P1160213Living Legend is a deep plum with a matte finish. Those who went ga-ga over the Novel Romance Collection will be familiar with Lingering Kiss, which is also a matte plum shade. They are extremely similar (just short of being dupes), with Living Legend being just slightly cooler in terms of undertone and a little less red. If you have Lingering Kiss, you can skip out on Living Legend. Both are also LE, just so you know.

Btw, aren’t fresh and untouched lipsticks a thing of beauty? It never ever gets old to me.
P1160210And not that it irks me too baldly, but you can see just how much more appetising an untouched lippie looks like; such a feast for the eyes. Hehe. Here I’ve placed Living Legend and Smoked Purple side-by-side. They look nothing alike in the tube, but they both work in achieving the look of blackened red lips that’s in right now… it just depends how deep into the trend you want to go. For those who aren’t comfortable with an all-out purple, a shade like Living Legend is the better bet. This is the kind of black cherry red I was looking for when I first bought Revlon’s Black Cherry, which you’ll see later on. But before that, let’s have a chat about the new matte formula:
P1160215I did not have any problems applying Living Legend evenly and achieving solid coverage was a breeze. It also wears very comfortably and is not as drying as Smoked Purple was. It is, however, a little bit on the shiny side for a matte. I know, I know– how can a matte be shiny at all? Well, to achieve a little more slip in the formula, I think MAC had to compromise on the absolute matte-ness of the product. There is a sheen initially, but it’s not so much as to ruin the effect and it does go completely matte after a few hours. I personally don’t mind it at all as it’s made such a big difference in the way the matte applies. It also lasts longer in the end because it’s more comfortable on the lips and I don’t feel like retouching every hour. P1160220Comparison swatches, L-R: MAC Living Legend, Revlon Black Cherry, and MAC Smoked Purple.

See how Black Cherry is just nowhere close to being dark enough when compared to the other two shades–especially on my lips, which (agaaaain) pull out red tones. Living Legend is what I had hoped Black Cherry would be, while Smoked Plum is the perfect shade in a not-quite-perfect formula. P1160223Should you pick this lipstick up? If you’re looking for that matte vampy red in a great formula, then yes. If this shade isn’t really your thing, I still suggest that you check out The Matte Lip Collection while you can, as there are some pretty interesting shades in the line-up. Styled In Sepia, a “dirty cement beige” is especially interesting as it also fits into a trend that we’re seeing lately: the 90’s lip. I’m just not too sure how flattering it would be on people with yellow undertones.

Overall, I’m happy with this lipstick. I finally found the “black cherry” shade I’ve had in mind for years now (and which Revlon could give me only in name). I am slightly upset by how expensive MAC lipsticks are steadily becoming, though. My mom picked this up for me at an airport (which explains the price approximation) so it was cheaper than it is on local counters. MAC is generally a reliable brand, but I can’t help but feel betrayed when they slowly raise prices by the year. One day it might not fit into the “reasonably priced” category anymore, and it looks like that day is well within sight. Sigh.

Anyway, if you have any of the other shades from The Matte Lip Collection, do tell me about them! I really do adore the formula and if there’s an amazing shade that I shouldn’t miss, I would like to know of shizzle.

11 responses to MAC The Matte Lip: Living Legend

    • Mariana – Author

      Sin has pinky cool undertones as opposed to plum undertones. It is definitely more of a deep red than a blackened red, if that makes sense.

  1. Rae

    In terms of price, quality, pigment and consistency, mac’s mattes definitely are the best.

    I have high hopes that at least four of the limited edition mattes will eventually become permanent, like what happened to the limited edition retro matte before. I want to try Pander Me and Styled in Sepia, 2 shades I don’t usually go for. But my experience with NARS Jane makes me want to try browns and other will-this-work-for-me type of colors.

  2. Geenah

    While MAC lipsticks are a little pricey, they really aren’t as bad as other. I suggest you stay far and clear away from Bobby Brown, lipsticks which start at $32.00 USD. I bought one that looked pretty and was very disappointed in it. It has absolutely, no Pigmentation. I should have retuned it. I opt to throw it in the garbage where it belonged. I could have has two MAC, Matte lipsticks for that price. For about $2.50 you should check out Wet n Wild, Matte line lipsticks. I found a few compare and reviews vs. MAC, online. I have SmokedPurple and Sin, I purchased yesterday. If they had Living Legend, I would have bought that too. Thanks, for the great review. I’m happy the dark colors are back. Just like in the early 90s.

  3. Hi!! I was wondering if you know how much Mac lippies retail in the Philippines at the moment? (in malls!) I’ll be going there in December and want to purchase Mac goodies since they are so expensive in New Zealand ($40 NZD) :(

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