Review: Sleek i-Divine “Sunset” Palette

Sleek is a UK-based brand that you’ve probably heard of already because of their blushes and i-Divine eyeshadow palettes. In the UK they’re available at Superdrug and in the Philippines tons of online sellers stock them–but now you can also find Sleek stuff on Luxola, which ships from Singapore directly to your doorstep, no hassle with customs or anything like that. I meant to post this yesterday in time for Luxola’s 12-hour 35% off promo, but I… failed. Hehe. Still, if you haven’t yet signed up for the newsletter, you really should. They always have some sort of special going on and they’re bound to come up with something awesome again soon. Now, on to this palette: P1160421There are over 17 i-Divine palettes currently available on Sleek’s website (at $11.99) and about 15 of those are available on Luxola (at 769.00 Php or S$ 22.00). There is a jump in price, so it’s still a good idea to pick these up abroad if you can, but 769.00 Php really isn’t a bad price for a palette of 12 eyeshadows of decent quality.

I am also a fan of the packaging for these i-Divine palettes. Simple, sleek (hehe!), and sturdy. On the backside of the cover, you even get a huge real mirror (as opposed to those cheap-o foil-like mirrors that drugstore brands tend to include).

P1160424Now does’t that look like a palette that just screams I mean business? This is the third i-Divine palette in my collection (you’ll see the other two at the end of the post), but the Sunset palette is one that I’ve had my eyes on for over a year now. Sleek says that the shades in here represent the sun, sea, and sand, and while it is not the most imaginative set of sunset shades I’ve ever seen, it’s exactly the cliché (near-kitsch) image that totally comes to mind when I think of Kel’s Sunset Funset  à la All That (holla at me, 90s kids!). 
P1160425Without that bright aqua blue at the end this might not look as striking at first glance, but all of the reds, oranges, golds, and coppers are the shades that will keep you coming back to the palette. They complement one another but are unique enough so that one could easily come up with a ton of different looks. To be honest, my mind struggles with what to do with that aqua blue, but it is a beauty just like the other shades, as you’ll see below. I also appreciate there is a black eyeshadow in there. It’s a decent semi-matte black that definitely won’t go unused for sure.P1160430Swatches! The shades don’t have names as far as I’m aware. I’m not sure if that bothers me or not, but thankfully only one shade here is on the disappointing end, and so that’s the one I’ll point out. Fourth from the left on the bottom row, there’s a orange-gold that really was a bit chunky and difficult to work with. Other than that shade, everything else was nice and smooth and pigmented.

The third shade from the left on the top row is the shade that closely resembles Garnet from the Lorac Pro palette, which I reviewed recently.

Overall, I love this palette. I did get it at a discount because I ordered from Luxola during a promo period, so I suggest you wait for one of those if you can. If not, then the price you pay is totally still worth it anyway, in my opinion. Next on my wish list for these i-Divine palettes is the Oh So Special palette, which is currently sold out. But I’ll wait patiently.  P1160437As promised, here are my other two i-Divine palettes. On top is the Storm palette, and on the bottom is a limited edition PPQ palette, which you can’t get anymore unfortunately. It was my very first Sleek item and it still has the funny pressed-in thing going on that Sleek got rid of eventually.

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