Review: Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette

P1160405Be not fooled by the kitsch packaging — the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette (S$65.55 or around 2,200 Php) is actually one of the prettier palettes that I own, albeit mostly on the inside. It looks mega tacky in photos, but after spending some time with the palette and feeling the quality in my hands (it’s made of better materials that it looks to be), I have come to forgive the ugly font and funky design. It still looks shite in photos (yeah I really can’t let it go!) but on my vanity and in person it isn’t so bad. It also has a nice magnetic closure and a good weight to it that makes letting it fall shut satisfying. P1160365Of course, as I said, the true beauty is on the inside. When I picked this up in Singapore, it was a choice between this and the Urban Decay NAKED  3 — not that they are similar in terms of colour palette, I just had a budget to stick to hehe. I went with this in the end because although I had seen swatches of the eyeshadows online before, seeing and feeling them in person was a different story. I thought: ok let me just check this shade out because it looks interesting — and it was in fact interesting. So I swatched one shade after the other until nearly every shade was smudged into the back of my hand. I was sold. 
P1160367As much as I dislike the look of the outer packaging, I do like that Too Faced carried out the chocolate theme in all aspects of the palette. The second you open the palette, the sweet smell of chocolate wafts upward and tickles the nose gently. It’s not overwhelming as I had always imagined it to be from reading other reviews and interestingly enough, Too Faced used actual cocoa powder in formulating these shades! The eyeshadows themselves come in shades of brown, shimmery bronze or gold, olive, plum, and pink. The 16 eyeshadows are surprisingly varied but somehow still part of a cohesive theme. They also have very chocolate-y names, which unfortunately come off with the plastic cover. My fave (as a name) is Black Forest Truffle. It just makes me want to use it all the time, hehe!
P1160379There are five matte shades, while the other twelve are varying degrees of shimmery. The palette seems to be divided into a left and a right section with one highlighter shade per section, but I could also be imagining that… you can think of it as one long stretch of eyeshadows, too. The five matte shades are extremely useful as four of them are shades of brown and one is a creamy off-white. You can do all kinds of shading with that kind of selection.

P1160371Seeing as I do think of the left and right sections as distinct and separate, I decided to discuss and swatch them that way. This left half has the “safer” shades (in my mind, at least). I have used White Chocolate much more often than I ever thought I would have and I’m glad it comes in a larger pan. I use Hazelnut most often all over the lid, while Marzipan is an excellent inner-corner highlight. You can also create a super simple all-matte look using Salted Caramel and Semi-Sweet alone, but you can bump that up a notch by using Haute Chocolate smudged into the lash line. Gilded Ganache might seem a little bit out of place, but it’s lovely when used on both upper and lower lash lines. Crème Brulee is the one shade I haven’t used in a look yet, but I think when Christmas comes around it will come into play much more often.P1160372

On the left half are the pinky, plum, and violet shades that stand out as individual shades. From this half I use Milk Chocolate and Amaretto most often. The former makes an excellent “transition shade” while the latter is very flattering and feminine washed all over the lid. This side also hosts the most useless shade of the palette: Strawberry Bon Bon. My skin tone and Strawberry Bon Bon just do not get on. Other than that though, every other shade is just stunning. Black Forest Truffle is the most beautiful burgundy brown with chunky silver shimmer that I have ever seen. Candied Violet and Cherry Cordial are also very punchy shades (yet still wearable), while the highlight, Champagne Truffle, is perfect for adding a healthy glow to the cheeks and down the bridge of the nose. Finally, Triple Fudge makes for a good liner when pressed into the lash line.

TFC1These eyeshadows are the type that look better when worn, but skin swatches can at least give an idea of the tones. My skin is an NC40 in the MAC range. I didn’t use a primer underneath these (because I don’t like wasting eyeshadow primer) and they do benefit from being applied over primer. For individual shade descriptions, you can check out Temptalia’s review here
TFC2Here you can see that Srawberry Bon Bon is as horrible as horrible can be and that Triple Fudge isn’t the smoothest matte shade. Triple Fudge is forgiven because it’s still totally usable as an eyeliner, but I can’t see myself ever using that hideous pink. Champagne Truffle really is a beautiful steely shimmer and as with White Chocolate, I’m so glad it comes in a larger pan. 
P1160351Overall, I think this is a top rate palette. It has a great range of shades and finishes, plus it’s affordable considering just how much product you get and how many looks you can create. I think the scent is a cute add on, though some people say it’s useless. I find that it makes the application process just that much more pleasant and enjoyable… but sometimes I do get hungry when using the palette, lol.

The Chocolate Bar Palette also looks to be a palette that will suit a variety of skin tones. As I have olive-ish skin I can swing both cool and warm depending on how I balance out a look, but there’s a good mix in this palette and it stands to work for both warm and cool skin tones too. 
If you’re thinking about it, I say think no more! If I can get past that tacky packaging, that says a lot hehe. I honestly love holding the palette in my hands and figuring out new looks I can come up with.

What are your thoughts on this palette? On scented eyeshadows? :)

Too Faced is available at Sephora and direct from their website.

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7 responses to Review: Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette

  1. megansbeautyblog

    I own this palette and love it. I find that the chocolate scent makes application that bit more enjoyable. I am the same as you in that there are a few colours which don’t suit me which are cherry cordial and gilded ganache I think my skins too light for them or something. But there are still a lot of good colours to work with and I use triple fudge on the lash line as well ! Xx

  2. I want this palette because of the chocolate-y smell. I own a lot of palettes already but I really want this to add on my pile. Hihihi

  3. I never thought of giving that palette a second look because I was more focused on Urban Decay’s (plus I also wasn’t fond of the packaging), but now that I’ve read your review I’m actually considering buying it! I hope you can post an EOTD soon. :)

  4. very accurate and long review! I don’t like the outer look either, but I’m pretty sure the quality of the shadows is worth the purchase. I never tried scented eye shadows, by the way, and I’m sure in the long term, I’d be annoyed by them…how about you, are you coping well with chocolate smelling eyelids?

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