Growing Obsession: Laura Mercier’s Caviar Sticks

I try so many products that I often catch myself getting “obsessed” with the new things, then sort of just forgetting about them after a while. That’s why I rarely do favorites of the month posts. They’re not truly faves in my mind until they’ve withstood the test of time, so to say. My 2014 faves are coming up, but for next year I’ll probably start doing more “loving lately” type of posts so I can talk about the new and interesting “seasonal” obsessions. Of course there are products that really do become obsessions over time and evolve into favorites. The Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks definitely belong in that category. So this is a bit of a spoiler, but you will be seeing these again in the yearly faves posts in about a month. Still, I thought a post dedicated especially to them was in order. P1160540The Caviar Sticks have actually been around for well over a year now, but they recently released new shades so if you visit a Laura counter in the near future, you will see a rather prominent display. The newest shade in my collection is Moonlight, a beautiful high-shimmer silver with a taupe base.

When I bought my first Caviar Stick they were still priced at 995.00 Php, but now they’ll set you back 1,250.00 Php. Pricey, but you’ll see why it’s worth it in a bit.
Caviar Sticks are essentially cream eyeshadows in twist-up pencil form. That’s not exactly a new innovation; in fact, my very first eyeshadow was a “glimmer stick” from MAC which was pretty much the same thing but in an earlier, less developed form (bad staying power and it dried up very fast). Fast forward to present day and brands like Bobbi Brown, Stila, and Rimmel still offer similar products in a better formula in general. What sets these Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks apart though is the superior formula. They’re not just easy peasy to apply (as all eyeshadow sticks aim to be)– they are smooth as silk, buildable, easy to blend out, and once they set, they are SET.
P1160545 The newer shades are marketed as being waterproof while the original shades seem to be water resistant only. Still, none of them smudge once set even when you rub at them with a finger. It’s crazy. If you live in a humid climate (like me), all shades will see you through the day even if you get a little sweaty. And If you want to wear eyeshadow while at the beach or when swimming (for some odd reason), the newer shades will stay on through those ordeals for sure. It’s seriously crazy.
P1160550 At present I have four Caviar Sticks: two minis (from last year’s Christmas set) and two full-sized sticks. The 2014 Christmas set should be out soon and if you get a chance to pick it up, I highly encourage you to do so. It includes four shades (two of which I have already) and it’s a cute little stocking stuffer kind of gift to give if you don’t like all of the shades. I gave away two from last year’s set, hehe.
P1160551 From L-R, these are: Sugar Frost, Amethyst, Rose Gold, and Moonlight. I seem to gravitate toward the lighter shades of these, but next on my list to pick up are Cocoa, Tuxedo, and Khaki. Cocoa and Tuxedo are the matte brown and black in the 21-shade range. They look like they’d make amazing smudgey eyeliners.
CS1 Swatched, you can see that the shades are named appropriately, albeit a little plainly. I personally find that to be quite important… If a shade named “Amethyst” looks nothing like the actual colour, then I get upset. Haha. They are all beautiful shades though…the kind I can’t wait to work with when I wake up in the morning. They are also great to work with when you’re in a rush because most shades work nicely on their own.
P1160561 Here are a couple of other options for crayon type eyeshadows: Stila Smudge Stick and a Rimmel crayon. They’re both not bad (Stila better than Rimmel but also pricier), but not great compared to the Caviar Sticks.
CS2 What they do add is variation to my range of seemingly-similar shades. Antique is an orange-gold that blends into my skin so well that only a warm sheen is left on my eyelids. With Rose Gold, I get more of a brightening effect because of the pink base. Sugar Frost has chunkier shimmer and a neutral gold base, while Moonlight (as I said earlier) is a silver-taupe and is almost metallic in finish. I use the Rimmel shade, Bulletproof Beige, least often because it’s on the light side for my skin tone. Amethyst is the only shade that can actually be thought of as a non skin tone colour, but it’s not a bright jewel tone shade so it reads pretty neutral when worn anyway. Purple also always looks great against brown eyes.
P1160546 Again, the Laura Mercier Caviar sticks are priced at 1,250.00 Php. They’re definitely on the expensive end for a single eyeshadow, but they’re ahead of the pack when it comes to cream eyeshadows in general. I highly, highly recommend these eyeshadows as I could not possibly be any happier with them. Check out the shade selection on the Laura Mercier website, here, and let me know which shades look most interesting to you!

Laura Mercier counters can be found at Rustan’s department store and Essenses branches.

8 responses to Growing Obsession: Laura Mercier’s Caviar Sticks

  1. I love my Amethyst!! I just literally slap it on and go – it’s the less frosty of the bunch too! Grabe I felt that 995-1,200 price increase because the first time I eyed Amethyst, they cost 995 pa. The next week when I was sure I’d get na, 1,250 na! Haha kainis!

    • Mariana – Author

      Kainis no! Parang they realised that people were starting to really like it and they decided to milk us! :)) Still love it! Haha

    • I’m so glad that the first ever LM Caviar Stick I got was Amethyst. The color goes with my everyday blushes and lipsticks, and it hasn’t left my makeup bag since I got it. <3 To think the SA in Makati told me that other Rustan's branches had no stock, but I actually found it (the last stock of Amethyst) on the second try.

      I'm 100% sure that I will use this stick to within its last millimeter. :)

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