Impulse Buy: ArtDeco Glossy Lip Color 32 from the MIAMI Collection

ArtDecoMiami1There are times when campaign images get me not because they’re chic or understated or classy… but because they’re over-the-top sexy, kitsch, or even (actually, especially) bordering on camp. ArtDeco’s MIAMI Collection drew me in the second I spotted the display from about three feet way (can’t see clearly from much farther without glasses hehe). Everything was just HIGH GLOSS, plus tan, plus aqua (y agua!), and sunshine, and MORE GLOSS. That’s 100% stereotypical Miami, if you ask me– self-consciously artificial and extravagant. I love it. ArtDecoMiami3This isn’t the exact display I saw at Beauty Bar, but it’s similar. The overall effect of it totally transported me out of the mall and onto a sunny beach to the tune of Will Smith’s Miami (bienvenido a Miami! — consider this conveniently-placed link an excuse to revisit that song while reading through the rest of this post). I wanted all of the Glossy Lip Colors and Long Lasting Eye Shadow Sticks, but I settled on just one lippie because I was with the boyfriend so I could make sure it wasn’t a crap product. P1160676Even the packaging on this Glossy Lip Color in #32 (695.00 Php) is super shiny! I like it in this case because I appreciate the collection’s overall aesthetic, but it’s funny to think that I would normally dislike this kind of packaging. There were five other delicious shades to choose from, but I settled on a plummy pink that I knew I would get a lot of use from regardless of the time of year. There was a watermelon pink that screamed summer to me (btw, this is a Summer 2014 collection) and I would have picked that had circumstances differed even in the slightest.

The Glossy Lip Colors come in stick form like so many lipsticks come these days, but the formula behaves a lot more like a cream gloss. 
P1160678Brand new, the product tip looks like your regular old glossy lipstick. After breaking into the product though, it will forever look like it’s drenched in water and ready to make your lips look just as juicy and luscious. I can’t bring myself to post a photo of my own lippie when used because it’s a bit weird, but if I pop back into Beauty Bar soon I’ll snap a shot of the testers and insert those here.

The texture of the product reminds me of the Revlon Lacquer Balms (review here), which are actually very similar in price. The ArtDeco Glossy Lip sits slightly thicker on the lips, but not uncomfortably at all. It’s thicker formula makes it long-lasting and quite moisturising, too. 
P1160684#32 is a nice plummy pink that enhances my natural lip colour nicely. This swatch hardly does the high-shine finish justice, but trust me on that one– you haven’t seen shine like this since the Lancôme Juicy Tubes, except these come in fuss-free packaging. ArtDecoMiami2One last look at that campaign image before I end this. Ugh can I just be that model right now. Alternatively I can just get my hands on one of those cream eyeshadows on my next visit to Beauty Bar and pretend to be her. It will have to do!

One response to Impulse Buy: ArtDeco Glossy Lip Color 32 from the MIAMI Collection

  1. It looks really moisturizing! As a cheaper alternative, you may want to check out Catrice Pure Shine Lip Colour Balm. I am guessing that they have the same finish too, and Catrice smells like bubblegum, if you like that more than minty scents. :-)

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