Highlighter Of My Dreams: theBalm’s Cindy-Lou Manizer

theBalm’s Cindy-Lou Manizer (945.00 Php) is quite literally the highlighter of my dreams— I had a dream about writing this blog entry last night, so when I woke up this morning I got straight to photographing the product. Now here I am making that dream come true, yay! Haha. But really, I should have featured this highlighter a long time ago. I use it nearly everyday. P1160790Cindy-Lou is a younger sister to the more well-known Mary-Lou Manizer. Mary-Lou offers a champagne/light gold highlight while Cindy-Lou is a peachy pink hue. Both can be used as either a highlighter or an eyeshadow as they are highly pigmented. I only own Cindy-Lou so this will not be a comparison post, but the reason why I never picked up Mary-Lou is that it is much too light (i.e. nearly white-based) for my skin tone. Some people swear by it though, so pick a shade that you think will suit your skin.

P1160793I picked this up back in May, thinking it would make a nice highlighter for the summer. I ended up hardly using it during the summer months and adoring it in this cooler weather we’ve been having instead. P1160794Most highlighters I’ve tried in the past only made me look oily and gross, but Cindy-Lou just picks up the high points of my face and makes them sort of dance in the light as I move my head. The texture of the powder is soft and fine while still being very, very pigmented. I hardly need to dip my brush in to get enough product. theBalm is always very generous with the amount of product they give, so I can see this 8.5 g pan lasting me a looong time.

P1160799Here’s Cindy-Lou catching the light. There are no large chunks of glitter in there, just a nice shimmer of pink and peach. It’s still not the most subtle of highlighters (cream highlighters tend to lend a more natural look in general), but lately I haven’t been going to a very subtle look. P1160518This photo is a little blury and it was taken back when my skin wasn’t doing so well (hello, red spots!), but you can see Cindy-Lou on the bridge of my nose. She’s also sitting on my cheekbones but you don’t get too much of that here. I love how having the product on my nose makes me look a little wind-burnt.

If you have much lighter skin, Cindy-Lou might even work as a blush on you. there’s a lot of colour in there (as opposed to highlighters that have a near-translucent base) so it will act like a peach blush with pink highlight all in one go.

theBalm is available at Beauty Bar branches nationwide and they also operate an online store. Check out theBalm because they seriously have some of the best eyeshadows, blushes, and face powders ever, and at a reasonable price too.

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