Sparkle With Avon’s Newest Eau de Parfum: Femme

A few months back I was reacquainted with an Avon classic, Sweet Honesty, and its new companions Sweet Honesty Moments and Sweet Honesty Forever. The simplicity of the three eau de toilettes makes them perfect for younger girls to use alone or for anyone to layer for a more complex scent. Those three are lovely in their own way, but sometimes you need (or want) more than a light spritz of fragrance. Enter Avon’s newest eau de parfum: Femme.  Avon Femme* (1,500.00 Php for 50 mL) is a fragrance that promises to make you feel like a star every day. It’s geared toward a more sophisticated set and everything about it reflects that, from the packaging to the complexity of the fragrance. It’s described as a “sparkling” scent, and I definitely get that freshness even amidst the dominant floral accord. P1160826I was pleasantly surprised by how long this perfume wore on me (pretty much all day, so around 8 hours). It starts out fresh and “sparkling” as I mentioned, with top notes of pink grapefruit, violet, and plum coming up strong but not offensive. It then settles a bit and the florals show through, as the heart of the perfume is composed of jasmine, wild orchid, and magnolia. This floral bit stays on for hours and works alongside the base of amber, peach skin, musk, and woody notes, which give it a powdery feel.

If you like floral, fresh scents, this is one to try for sure. I imagine that younger ladies will get on with this fragrance better than mature women because of the “sparkling” freshness, but scent it very personal and anyone could end up loving this, really! The glass bottle is bevelled beautifully and it feels nice and heavy. It’s a pretty product all around, so if there’s someone very close to you who likes this kind of scent profile, you might even consider gifting it. 

P1160813This is the box my bottle of Femme arrived in. I loved the simplicity of the product all throughout, by the way. I detest gaudy boxes and bottles with too much going on.  P1160817There was even a mirror on the inside! This is not the box that the perfume will come in if you do order it, but the actual box is also black and has some subtle sparkle detail. Still understated and pretty. P1160818

Avon Femme really impressed me. It’s not my usual woody, spicy scent, but the fresh florals make it a refreshing little break from that. I can see myself bringing this out more often come late February or March when the weather starts to warm up.

You can purchase Avon products by contacting an Avon Lady. If you don’t have one yet, you can find out how to contact one on their website, While you’re there, you can check out their latest brochure. I love browsing Avon brochures and more often than not I end up buying something because they always have awesome monthly deals.

*PR Sample

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