The Beauty Bee (That’s Me!) in Meg Magazine

Processed with MoldivHello, dearest readers! Just popping in to share this exciting bit of news: I (as writer of this blog) am in a magazine this month! I’m one of eight girls who have been named Meg magazine’s “Rookies of The Year.”

It’s extremely flattering to be featured alongside girls who I would call the “go-getter” type. I have never considered myself as such, but if there’s one thing this whole experience of being featured has taught me, it’s that blogging about beauty is something I will keep doing regardless of other circumstances in my life. I suppose at the very least that’s reflective of a genuine love for writing about this sort of thing. It’s not something I say I do “on the side” anymore; The Beauty Bee is a part of who I am… and I love that.

So yeah, please pick up a copy of the December-January issue of Meg magazine when you get the chance! They supported me by having me in their pages and I want to show them love as well. I also want to mention that this feature was penned by a writer named Irish Dizon, who was lovely because she was real. It’s always nerve-racking to have someone write something about you (still remember who wrote your high school yearbook write-up? I wanted so badly to write my own), but it’s easier to take when the person who wields the pen can see things clearly and speak their mind.

6 responses to The Beauty Bee (That’s Me!) in Meg Magazine

  1. That’s great! Congratulations, I’m so happy for you! I’ll make sure to pick up a copy of the magazine so I can read the feature and check out all the others, as well. :)

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