Precious Presents From The Bobbi Brown Scotch On The Rocks Collection

bobbibrown-aw14-scotchsoda_sfeerbeeld3-e1417178358958There was really only one Holiday 2014 makeup collection that stood out to me this past Christmas. Bobbi Brown’s Scotch On The Rocks Collection took my breath away; every piece in the collection is a thing of beauty and it all just seems perfectly put together. The stunning combination of warm amber browns, faux croc leather, tortoise shell casing, and gold accents totally distracted from the fact that the collection featured the less-than-sophisticated model, Kate Upton — but who am I kidding, even she looked the very definition of class in the promo pics!

To me, Scotch On The Rocks was all sorts of awesome and the only thing standing between me and a massive hoarding spree of every single item was the price tag stuck to each and every piece. Luckily enough, I have a crazy-generous family (Titas and cousins) who take wish lists seriously. That meant that I got to open this on Christmas Eve:
P1170104Holy. Mother. Of. Bobbi Brown. You can imagine how I squealed with delight! Even the box packaging is gorgeous with those red stripes running across the corners plus the gold embossed Bobbi Brown logo. 
P1170110I present to you the Warm Glow Eye Palette and the High Light Powder in Bronze Glow. These are the two items I wanted the most from the collection, so I was ecstatic to see both in the box. So grateful for generous family members. I later also received one of the four lipsticks from the collection, Malt Shimmer, which you’ll see that later in the post because my cousin very sweetly sent it over to me after Christmas. 
Let’s take a few moments to stare at the Warm Glow Eye Palette. This is definitely something I’ll have sitting prominently on my vanity. It’s got a nice heft to it and the leather is faux croc but it doesn’t feel like low quality PU or anything like that. I kind of wish this were a powder case (or convertible to one) because I don’t see myself toting around an eyeshadow palette for a night out, though this is something I’d gladly (i.e. proudly) pull out of my bag.

P1170116The closure is nice and sturdy as well. They didn’t skimp on crafting this, which is great because I plan on using and loving it for a long time. P1170120The inside of the palette features 9 eyeshadows ranging from some basic mattes, to rich, bronzy metallics, rose golds and deep browns. There’s also a big mirror on the back of the cover. One thing I noticed (that I like) is that the palette is weighted properly to sit on its own. The mirror isn’t the only heavy part of it, so it doesn’t just fall back onto itself when you open the palette. P1170143

Shades, from L-R, top to bottom:

  • Flesh (warm pale cream)
  • Beige (warm beige)
  • Golden Pink Metallic (warm pink gold)
  • Bonfire Shimmer (warm copper)
  • Rosé Metallic (soft rosy pink)
  • Gold Sparkle (champagne sparkle)
  • Velvet Bronze Metallic (rich golden bronze)
  • Golden Bronze Metallic (golden bronze)
  • Rich Caviar (rich black brown)

P1170319Swatched. These are not the most insanely pigmented eyeshadows, but they do pack onto the eyelids better if worn over a cream base and applied with a brush. I love the assortment of shimmery shades with varied tones and the inclusion of a few mattes for adding definition. The only really disappointing shades are Gold Sparkle and Rich Caviar. The rest are beautiful and I’ve been using them nonstop since I got the palette.P1170130The packaging for the High Light Powder in Bronze Glow is made of plastic but is designed to look like tortoise shell. It has the “BB” initials stamped onto the cover in a sort of retro style that some people don’t seem to like but that I find super cute. P1170138On the back side of the cover you will once again find a perfectly serviceable mirror. The powder itself is stamped with a tile pattern. It took me a while to kick up the powder enough so that the brush I was using could pick it up properly, but now that it’s broken in it’s just lovely. 
The actual shade of Bronze Glow is more accurately captured by this photo. It’s a warm coppery bronze that illuminates the cheeks perfectly. If you apply this lightly, you’ll get a candlelit effect. If you use a heavier hand, you can go full-on Brazilian bronze babe.

There is also a shade called Pink Glow. It looks like a swirl of pink strawberry syrup and milk in the pan. Yum!
P1170325Swatched heavily on the left and dusted lightly on the right. Just as with the eyeshadow palette, I’ve used this daily since getting my hands on it.  P1170266And finally, like a shiny, golden cherry on top, I have the Lip Color in Malt Shimmer. This one is from my two cousins who might as well be my siblings, so it makes it extra special. So glad they picked the shimmery nude because I’ll get loads of use out of it. P1170271Malt Shimmer is a warm, high-shine nude that goes perfectly with both the eyeshadows and the highlighter in a nice, balanced way. In the summer, I’ll be able to use it with a more matte skin base and eyes. It will work year-round, actually! Assuming it lasts that long… hehe.

So those were my super special beauty-related presents from this Christmas. I am (once again) sooo lucky to have such generous family who gift me with such special things. Thankful for that and for the time I get to spend with them too, of course. :) Any special Christmas presents on your end, guys? Doesn’t have to be a beauty item! Share please! :)

6 responses to Precious Presents From The Bobbi Brown Scotch On The Rocks Collection

  1. Wow and Merry Christmas. I was so tempted to get something from that limited edition collection, but I had to stop myself. I hate LE’s because they’re gone forever, so I ended up gifting myself Bobbi Brown pot rouge instead. One of these days, I swear I’ll get myself a holiday palette from BB, but I’ll take my sweet time (and first use up the palettes I have from other brands). I know it’s worth the wait naman, since their palettes don’t disappoint. :)

  2. I love the lipstick. WOW

    However I wouldn’t go for the palette as, as you said, the shadows are not that pigmented

  3. OMG, lucky girl for getting nice gifts!!! :) The eye palette and bronzer are too die for… Super stunning!!!

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