A Little Spa In My Pocket: Human Nature’s Balm For All Seasons

P1170361Human Nature’s Balm For All Seasons (100.00 Php at Beauty Bar) has been in my life for quite a while now. This is a repurchase, but not because I finished my first pot… I lost it some time last year. I initially bought it in January of 2014 because I (mistakenly) thought it was a multipurpose lip balm. Turns out that a “soothing balm” is one of those oil-based thingies that you warm up in your hands then lift up to your nose for a calming, spa-like experience.P1170365I have to admit that I wasn’t really on board with the idea to start–only lolas (grandmothers) did that sort of thing in my mind. It didn’t take long for it to grow on me though, as I found myself in many a stressful situation where a little spa in a pot was just what I needed. Now that I think back on it, I was using the stuff often. Often enough that when I lost my first pot in September, I found myself looking for that whiff of minty freshness quite often. Good thing it’s affordable and easy to replace! P1170375The balm itself is oily and slightly grainy. It’s like having a massage oil in semi-solid form, which seems weird at first but isn’t anything new. I like that it’s easy to carry in my bag, pocket, or just have sitting around my room without fear of it being spilled everywhere. The infusion of peppermint, eucalyptus, and bergamot is friggin’ uh-mazing and it totally sends me to a different place. P1170370Human Nature takes pride in offering 100% natural products. I am a fan of their haircare products and some of their makeup line, and even those are free of harmful chemicals. It’s important to keep clear of “harmful chemicals” (there are “good chemicals” too) in general, but when you are inhaling something it is that much more important. I like knowing that my lungs are safe even when I overindulge in this soothing balm.

The ingredients list is short, which is always a good sign:

Cocos nucifera (coconut) oil, beeswax, Helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil, Mentha piperita (peppermint) essential oil, Mentha arvensis (corn mint) essential oil, Eucalyptus globulus (eucalyptus) essential oil, Citrus bergamia(bergamot) essential oil

I still find it funny and very lola-like to be using something like this (olfactory receptors become increasingly sensitive with age), but it’s so undeniably awesome that I can’t see myself going without it anymore. It’s a little luxury that isn’t absolutely necessary in life, but scent can change a lot about your present situation. When I’m feeling anxious or stressed, a little whiff of this balm helps tons. It’s also not terribly expensive, so if you’re interested in keeping a little spa in your pocket, I do suggest you check this out.

Available at humanheartnature.com, Beauty Bar branches nationwide, and at HHN’s various independent dealers.

4 responses to A Little Spa In My Pocket: Human Nature’s Balm For All Seasons

  1. We have a customer who gave me a sample of basically the same thing (but in liquid form) At first I was like, “get off my desk you tree-hugging hippie!” Then weirdly, I found myself going back to that sample whenever I feel overwhelmed. These darn things really grow on you, don’t they?

  2. we all arrive, sooner or later, to the point when we need to relax and close the doors to anything else but ourselves. I hope you enjoyed your spa at home experience.

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