Maybelline White Super Fresh Launch & First Impressions

A week ago Maybelline hosted a luncheon to announce the launch of their newest foundation: White Super Fresh (299.00 Php)*. The formula is an Asia-exclusive as it was created with our hot, humid weather in mind. It’s been dubbed the “no touchup powder foundation” because unlike other foundations that just melt off over the course of the day, this one is meant to stay put and stay fresh for 12 hours.

Whenever a foundation claims to last that long my interests are piqued, so I was glad to be able to attend the launch and get to know and understand the product a little better. P1170409White Super Fresh won’t be available until February 28, but let me tell you now that it’s something you’ll want to mark your calendars for. At the launch, press and bloggers got to play with some samples and discover what makes it different–why it’s going to live up to its claims. 

P1170387But first, we were treated to a really good lunch and the sight of a beautifully decorated Cafe 1771. I don’t attend a lot of beauty events, but I really appreciate it when the ones I do go to are put together well. The aqua blue theme was carried out perfectly and just look at those cupcakes with the MINI ICING FOUNDATION COMPACTS. So cute in all the right ways. (Confession: I took one home and nibbled at the sugar “sponge” hahaha.)P1170400There were also areas in the restaurant where we could have nail art done, pose for a photo with a Vespa, and get our hair glammed up. I went for the nail art, but above you can see the hair stylists at work. Of course there was also a chance to complete the (#SuperFresh) look by having our makeup done, but I already had a full face on so I passed on that. Don’t worry though, I did try the product on my face at home and you’ll see that later in this post. P1170397After eating and being pampered, the ladies of Maybelline guided us through the technology that allows White Super Fresh to do all that it does. They call it “Clean-touch Powder Technology” which is powder enriched with mineral perlite, and it supposedly allows the powder to absorb moisture five times better than regular talc. They didn’t go into too much detail about it, but there were “Fresh Tests” set out for us in little blue boxes on the table so we could see it working right before our eyes.
P1170393The Fresh Test allowed us to compare how the Maybelline White Super Fresh foundation and a certain Brand X foundation react when exposed to water. You can see that Brand X is repelling the water, while Super Fresh has absorbed it (this happened immediately). When I rubbed the water into Brand X with my fingers, it started to ball up and look funky. That’s a definite no-no for a two-way cake foundation (which I was assured that Brand X was). Super Fresh remained smooth to the touch. P1170394The test was amusing and pretty innovative, but I always approach drugstore foundations with extra care. Do the results really mean improved performance on the skin?

(p.s. That’s me on a Vespa, woot!)
P1170427I cracked open my compact the day after the launch to give it a go, even if I knew the shade I was given (02 Nude Beige) was much too light. There will be two darker shades available once it launches, but I really wanted to test the formula so I could share my first impressions. Here I am wearing White Super Fresh:P1170438Again, note that this is the wrong shade for me. This is what foundation looks like when it’s much too light for you– do not go out of the house like this unless you’re a crazy beauty blogger like me who couldn’t wait to test out a new formula. Lol.

That aside, these were my first impressions of the product:

  • It provides surprisingly good coverage
  • I like the matte finish
  • It did last for 12 hours without my having to blot for oil or retouch (!)
  • …BUT by the 8th hour or so, some parts of my cheeks were drying out.
  • It was lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • There is a slight floral scent that lingers

It’s already obvious that this will be better for girls with oily skin or those who spend a lot of time in hot, sweaty environments. I wish this had been available while I was still in college. Even the price point is perfect for a student! It looks promising, but I will have to get back to you when I’ve bought the proper shade for myself. The mere fact that I will be buying another one is a good sign, though. This is something to be excited about!

So, let me know: does this sound like something you might want to try?

4 responses to Maybelline White Super Fresh Launch & First Impressions

  1. Abi

    Cant wait to buy this! I bought the Revlon Powder foundation and Collection Cosmetics Powder foundation, I oil up easily with these two but I love the effect for the first 2 hours only (lol). Wala naman visible glitter with this one? Revlon has and I hate it :|

  2. Sab

    I am so late to this blog (just found your blog today!) but I was given this powder recently, and I just found out (literally when I read this) that it was a foundation and not a finishing powder! For the past few weeks I’ve been really annoyed with it, because I felt like it didn’t hold up well throughout the day, and I need products that reduce oiliness since I’m a college student, and its been sooo hot recently.

    Will try this product as a foundation tomorrow, thank you for the review!!

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