Stored and Forgotten: My Dior Addict Fluid Sticks

P1170556Ayayay. I’ve had these Dior Addict Fluid Sticks ($35.00) for over half a year now, but am just getting around to writing about them because… uhm. I forgot about them. I was so excited to have these initially because the reviews were incredible and the packaging gorgeous, but I stumbled in the shade selection process and it’s for that lone, silly reason that I don’t really use these. DAFS2Trompe L’Oeil, which I would describe as a “grape purple” in the tube, comes off pink once on my lips and disappointingly sheer even when layered a bit. Wonderland on the other hand is looks like a watermelon pink in the tube but looks more orange with a hint of pink when worn. Surprisingly, I like Wonderland more than Trompe L’Oeil, but it’s a shade I’ll only really reach for in the summer.

When it comes to texture, these high-pigment glosses are pretty great. They are majorly comfortable on the lips and will stay shiny for a long time if you don’t eat or drink.

P1170569I quite like the doe foot applicator on these. It’s very soft and it’s slightly more rounded than other doe foots out there. DAFSWorn. There isn’t actually anything bad to say about these Fluid Sticks in terms of formula. In fact, they’re on the more impressive end of all the lip glosses I’ve tried. They’re similar in overall feel to Shu Uemura cream glosses, which are in about the same price range.

My mistake was in choosing these shades. They’re just too bright for me…which I should have known from swatching them, but they looked so different in the tubes that I think I just got confused and bought them anyway. Because the packaging was pretty. Because it’s Dior. Because I was buying them duty free. I should have gone with a nude, given the finish and texture of this product. Oh well, maybe another time. P1170576Ans since we’re already taking about the Fluid Sticks, check this out! The Maybelline Lip Polishes I have (review) look very similar to my Fluid Sticks! They even feel slightly similar in texture, with the Dior ones being just a bit thicker. DAFS3They’re far from being dupes when swatched, but I actually prefer the kind of purple Glam 6 is over Trompe L’Oeil so it really just boils down to the shade you want. The Maybelline Lip Polishes go for only 350Php, a mere fraction of the price of the Dior Fluid Sticks. Both ranges worth checking out in my opinion, though I suggest you be absolutely sure of your shade preference before picking up the Dior!

10 responses to Stored and Forgotten: My Dior Addict Fluid Sticks

  1. Belinda

    The dior’s look so good on you! I’ve bought so many lip colours that I’ll never wear haha, so I feel your pain. Great pictures and swatches!

  2. Cel

    I went “whut” when I saw the swatches, so weird that it registers so different in the tube. You look great in both of them though!

  3. Love the Dior fluid sticks, but if I had more, I’d be wearing them even when shopping for food at the market! 🙉🙉🙉☺️☺️☺️

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