Love/Hate: Stila Smudge Sticks

Hi guys! Sorry about the absence of a Sunday post this past weekend. I don’t really hold myself to a strict schedule when it comes to uploading posts, but I do especially like posting on Sundays. I like to imagine someone reading my blog on a Sunday afternoon or evening over a cup of tea or something. Makes me happy. Anyway, I will try to gather some photos of the look I wore on Sunday (attended a wedding), but I was in a massive rush getting ready and too busy having fun at the reception so… yeah. I’ve been an irresponsible blogger yet again. Buuut, I promise to try harder next time! For now, it’s back to regular programming…P1170376Allow me to clarify the title to this post: I love Stila Smudge Sticks but I hate how expensive they are. One Smudge Stick will set you back 20 USD (around 900 Php locally) for a measly 0.28g of product. I have, however, been pretty lucky with these things. The first one I tried came with my In The Light Palette (review) and the set I am featuring in this post was pasalubong from my mom from a recent trip to the States. P1160082She picked it up at Nordstrom Rack for just 14.97 USD discounted from 25.00 USD for FIVE Smudge Sticks, plus an awesome tin. This is exactly why shopping in the US is crazy awesome (not to mention nakakabaliw) — places like Nordstrom Rack, Ross, TJ Maxx, and Marshalls offer the most amazing discounts. P1160087Smudge Sticks come in a pretty large range of shades in both matte and shimmery finishes, but the shades included in this set (top-bottom) are: Stingray, Lionfish, Aubergine, Navy, and Emerald
P1160241L-R: Emerald, Navy, Aubergine, Lionfish, Stingray

These are amazing eyeliners because they’re very soft and once they set, they will not budge. They’re packaged as twist-up pencils precisely because they’re so soft, but a major drawback of that is that the twist-up mechanism sometimes breaks. There’s also a very small, sad amount of product in there so I really wouldn’t suggest buying them at full-price, even if the formula is great.

I love all of the colours I have and I will use them up for sure, but I would not repurchase unless I came across a set like this one again.
P1160080Final verdict? Amazing product, but totally overpriced! Hunt for deals like this box set and then wait for those to be discounted even further. This one was a pretty good deal! Thanks, mom! :)

6 responses to Love/Hate: Stila Smudge Sticks

  1. Oh lucky girl! :-) I love the Stila Liquid eyeliner but have never tried this pencils yet. I bet they perform well too.

  2. Cel

    That green is so pretty! Actually so are the other colors, but the green one especially. Would to see them on.

    Discount places are THE BEST.

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