It’s A (3 Minute) Miracle! Pantene’s 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner

Pantene 3 Minute Miracle ConditionerThe beautiful bellas over at were being their usual thoughtful selves and sent me a sample of Pantene’s new 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner* last week. I wasn’t expecting it at all, but that was fine because it was my favourite kind of surprise–the useful and well-timed kind. My hair always sucks after the holidays because of constant heat styling. It’s dry, dull, and sad. This miracle conditioner promises to “smoothen 3 months of damage in three minutes” — perfect! While I incurred my major hair damage over the span of just a month, I’d say this is just about as damaged as it gets in the year so it was the perfect time to test it out. P1170626I don’t think I had ever used a Pantene product before trying this one, and I must say I was impressed overall. The first thing I noticed was the super sweet strawberry scent–kind of like Skittles. If you like smelling of candy, you will adore this. I was impartial, although I must say that having sweaty hair in yoga is now not so unpleasant–it seems to release the scent even more, lol.

As for effectivity (the most important part), I give it 4/5 stars. My hair feels softer after just one use and it becomes especially shiny when I take the time to blow dry or flat iron it. I do have a problem with it being an everyday-use conditioner though, as I don’t think deep conditioning daily is healthy for your scalp. I think I’ll be using this not every day, but on nights when I know I have to look extra good the next day. This practically assures you a good hair day, and all girls know that a good hair day is like a magical, steroidal confidence-booster.
Bea Alonzo 3MM Beauty Shot 2This is Bea Alonzo being totally perf, as usual. I can’t look at this woman without seeing Basha, the character she played in the seminal (lol, jk) Tagalog movie One More Chance. She looked gorgeous 8 years ago, and she still looks gorgeous now— thanks in great part to her luscious, shiny hair no doubt! Eng. Popoy is one lucky guy, yo (assuming he never took her for granted again which he would be a total idiot to have done).

Anyway, I hope you all are having a great Wednesday and may you be blessed with an abundance of good hair days in your lifetime!

Here’s some more info about the Miracle Conditioner in case you are curious:

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 11.39.14 PM

Pantene products are available at all major drugstores and supermarkets. Pricing is as follows:

  • 70ml: 59.00 Php
  • 180ml159.00 Php
  • 340ml259.00 Php

*This product was sent to me free of charge.

4 responses to It’s A (3 Minute) Miracle! Pantene’s 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner

  1. Cel

    Reminds me of the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle hmm.

    I used to love pantene until I found out it was what broke me out, so even though this is interesting, I’m probably pass on this one.

  2. Have you ever tried the Aussie 3 minute miracle? I wonder how they compare?
    I’ll be on the look out for this product in the next coming months. Sounds promising!

  3. Liked this too on first use, and yes, it’s not good for everyday because I used it 3 consecutive days and my hair feels heavy. Hehe. Good thing I use clarifying shampoo to remove the build up. :)

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