The Birthday Weekend: 2015

Hey guys! I turned 25 over the weekend (I was born on Valentine’s Day, 1990) and I thought I would share a little bit of what I did to celebrate. I am the type of person who rather likes celebrating birthdays (i.e. I don’t shrink away when people start singing “Happy Birthday” to me. Being an only child usually means you actually like being the center of attention.) so my 25th was not going to pass by without a nice dinner or two, plus a family lunch.

(Warning: picture heavy post ahead!)

February 13, Friday

KicIMG_8825ked off the weekend with the sight of this handsome fella with a beautiful red tulip in hand. People always tease Greg that having a girlfriend whose birthday falls on Valentine’s Day must be a pain in the butt. I think he’s pretty lucky that he can roll the two celebrations into one because even if I weren’t a V-day baby I would totally still expect to be treated to a nice dinner, haha.

As for flowers, he’s learned that red roses are just grossly overpriced on V-day, so I’ve received so many different types from him in their stead. I think the red tulip was one of my faves, though.

Greg came dressed in a pale pink button-down while I wore a pleated pink andIMG_8817 maroon (marsala?) dress from BCBG Max Azria and a pair of rose gold Charles and Keith heels. My envelope bag is from Zara and you can’t really see it but my jewellery was also all rose gold. We looked slightly cliché in our pink outfits, but that’s just the way I like it!

I rarely ever talk about my fashion choices because I can be rather boring, but for special occasions I like to bust out the really pretty pieces. It’s still arguably “boring” as I never go for anything trendy, but that’s my fashion sense for you. I felt great and the dress left me enough space to indulge in the food. Speaking of the food…

IMG_8794Duck confiiiiit at Duck & Buvette! We had to get the duck as it was our first time there. We also had the roasted romaine salad (the best salad from a resto I’ve had in a long while), some sort of potato with salted egg salad, and a carafe of white wine. I liked that the place wasn’t too dressy or stuffy (the restaurant is just inside Shangri-La mall) and that it was really just about good food and excellent coffee. Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetLots of fun choices on the dessert menu, but we picked the Cocoa Nibs & Madagascar Ice Cream Sandwich.
IMG_8803This isn’t the best photo, but I’m so going back for this and for the coffee the next time I’m in Shang. The part of the sandwhich that is usually a soft cookie was instead made of macarons. They were chewy, tasty, and the macaron to ice cream proportion was just right. I can’t believe I’ve been to that mall so many times with this baby well within my reach and I just didn’t know it. Of course having it with good coffee just made the whole dessert experience perfect. Can you tell that I like my sweets? Haha

February 14, Saturday (Day Time)

IMG_8834I woke up pretty early on my birthday mostly because I am a morning person, but also because there was quite a bit of excitement built up inside me. Like I said, I really like birthdays. That’s not to say I did anything particularly exciting in the morning. I spent it the way I like my mornings: peacefully quiet and chilled out.

I took my time having breakfast and sipping my coffee. I scrolled through my IMG_8832Instagram feed. I bothered Max (my golden retriever) and I stared out into our garden. Usually I listen to the birds, but by 8AM construction on our neighbour’s house begins for the day so that hasn’t really been happening lately, haha! But really, stillness comes from within and just staring at some greenery and focusing on your breath can quiet the world around you.

Our house helpers also got me a pretty bouquet of red daisies (further prettified with some leaves from our own garden hehe) so my morning was filled with pretty things to look at. This was probably one of my favourite things that was given to me this year. ♥IMG_8835And to add even more green to the scene of my birthday morning, I decided I was going to try to re-plant some succulents that my mom saved from an arrangement she took home from an event. I’m not too sure these will live, but it was fun mixing dirt with the help of my yaya and trying to make little groupings of different plants in one of the pots. I still have quite a few that plants that need re-potting, but I only have two bowls at the moment so the rest will have to wait.

P1170927The last thing I did before getting ready for the evening celebrations was “set up” my new Lamy fountain pen, which apparently is very easy if you just use the ink cartridge it comes with. Greg got me these two babies as part of my birthday gift. The badass black one is just a rollerball pen, but the neon yellow one is a fountain pen–my very first. I had been blabbing on about giving FPs a try for some time now as I have been playing around with calligraphy and my Instagram feed is kind of filled with writing instrument lovers (Hi Liz, Pat, Bea, Carina, and Eula). Greg is a good listener so I needn’t even have blabbed on (hehe), and now that I have these I couldn’t be happier.

February 14, Saturday (Evening)

P1170940On the evening of the 14th, my parents, Greg, my high school barkada and I went to  Prince Albert for a nice dinner. I wore a BCBG dress (again) which I like to call the bandage dress because of the colour and texture. I had been saving it for a special occasion and I think this dinner was just the one. It’s an American size 0 (so about P1170947an Asian 2) and it was a tiny bit tight, so I made a promise to myself that this would not be the last time I wore a tiny size 0. New flowers in my arms c/o Greg!

We chose Prince Albert for dinner because I have a ton of memories of eating there as a child, my graduation dinner was held there, the ambience is great, and they have the best prime rib with baked potato and Yorkshire pudding on the side. The quality of the food overall has gone down a bit over the years, but the sentimental value is definitely there for me so there was no chance that I wouldn’t have a good time. 
P1170957With my sister from another mister/cousin Alessi and Greg. P1170951The prime rib was great, but the foie gras appetiser stole the show that night! P1170962But I will never say no to MEAT. Oh yes. P1170977Some of my oldest friends. ♥

10368937_10155453954580508_7208985536756078446_oAfter dinner we went to Big Bad Wolf for a few drinks (which quickly became way too many drinks for me, at least) where my cousins and a few of my other friends joined us. This is Brian, Alessi’s brother, who is also like a sibling to me although he is my cousin. Stole this photo from him–it is obviously way too nice to have been take by me.

I really did have one to many drinks that night and I regret that because the next morning I was nursing a damn hangover. Actually it was a full-day hangover. Oh to be 25 and not capable of handling alcohol. I want to say “never again” and I will genuinely try to never be that drunk again, but you never know… maybe turning 30 will inspire the same stupidity. Haha

February 15, Sunday

Ah, Sunday! I was looking forward to spending this time with my family because it was a joint lunch celebration at my house for all of the February birthday celebrants in our family. My cousin Mark turned 21, I turned 25, my Tita Adette turned 54, and my Tito George turned the big Six-O.

My ability to enjoy the lunch was severely stunted by the hangover, but it was still the perfect way to end the weekend. I will insert a photo of the dress I wore when Brian uploads more photos, but for now I’ll leave you with the only Instagram shot (with my face in it) I posted over the weekend:

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 9.22.50 PMWhen I don’t post a lot, you know I’m busy living life and having a good time. ;) Oh and I love this particular photo because Mark looks absolutely terrified to be turning 21, Tito George looks ecstatic to be 60, Tita Adette looks content at 54, and I look totally hungover at 25. Haha! So yes, minus the hangover, turning 25 was a blast. Maybe I’ll write about how I actually feel about turning 25 in another post, but for now I just want to… be.

How did you guys spend Valentine’s Day? :)

13 responses to The Birthday Weekend: 2015

  1. I’m the one who is tired from (reading about) your weekend! :D
    Happy Birthday again!
    [Spent the weekend in bed with Hubby coz of his damn stomach flu. haha! ;)

  2. Pat

    Can I say that I’m inordinately excited that you got a Lamy for your first FP? :D My first’s a Lamy too! (blue green Al-Star) And I’m already planning to get more, haha!

    Happy birthday Iana! :D

    • Mariana – Author

      Haha yay, thanks Pat! I’m loving it but I want to switch out the medium nib na and play around with inks… so I may be looking at a second one very soon!

      Thank you! :)

      • Pat

        Yes! I switched out my medium nib to an EF nib and it made the experience so much better!

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