Three from 3CE

Thank goodness for random 25% off sales and for the fact that Luxola carries 3CE. I already have a lipstick, gel eyeliner, and soft pencil liner from the brand from when I was still part of the BNT Girl program and I love all three of those things. Since then I have been eyeing loads of other 3CE things but haven’t picked anything up for one reason or another. When I saw the Luxola e-mail notifying me of a sale on the week before my birthday, I took it as a sign to finally pop the items I’d been eyeing into my shopping cart. P1170900I placed the order on Tuesday and by Thursday the parcel had arrived at my doorstep. If you follow me on instagram, you might have seen the post in which I expressed my happiness about that. Fast shipping is da bomb, you guys. That wasn’t the only awesome thing about this order though as aside from the 25% off I got on the eyeshadows, I ended up paying only 277.00 Php (!!!) for the Lip Color, which usually goes for 1.046.00 Php. I’m not sure if the huge discount was a fluke, but the sale price went back up to around 700Php the next time I checked the site and is at the time of this writing totally gone. Whatever the case is, I’ll take it as an early birthday gift! 
P1170902The three things I picked are the Triple Shadow in “No No No,” the One Color Matte Shadow in “Cinnamon,” and the Lip Color in “101 Coco.” I put some research into the eyeshadow trio (swatches from other reviews blew my mind) but the other two items were sort of spur of the moment picks. They certainly go with all the nudes I’ve been gravitating towards lately. 
P1170908Coco is a light peachy brown (swatches as the end of this post) that is creamy and opaque in just a couple of swipes. I wasn’t sure if this shade would be too light for me, but I can juuuust about pull it off when I layer a gloss or even another lipstickover the top. I’ve been using it as a “concealer” for my lips; the peachy undertone counters the natural redness in my lips nicely.

I only have two 3CE Lip Colors thus far, but if they are any indication of quality the formula across the board, then I’m willing to bet on the line. The shades I have both happen to have cream finishes though and it seems that there are lustres and shimmers too, so maybe the texture will be different for those. What I do love for sure is the packaging for these Lip Colors–square and chunky. Oh yeah. P1170916This matte shadow in Cinnamon is a pretty good eyeshadow. At regular price it’s 490.50 Php, which is not bad at all when compared to MAC single eyeshadows. I couldn’t find many online reviews for this particular shade, so it ended up being a bit darker than I guessed it would be. I didn’t really need another new crease shade, but at least I have a new one that performs well. P1170913And finally the Triple Shadow in No No No. At 1,177.00 Php, I don’t consider this cheap. It’s not crazy expensive either, but I knew I wanted to wait for a sale to come around before buying it. Less 25%, I could not be happier with it. Check out these swatches: 3CEluxolaStrangely enough, I like the two “outer” shades of No No No best. The middle, pomegranate-ish shade is something I have seen before, although it is nice to have it in this little trio as it goes well with the other two shades. The shade on the left is a light taupe with the tiniest hint of pink and silver shimmer, while the shade on the right is a pale gold that I can’t get enough of for placing just on the center of the eyelid on top of the pomegranate shade or even the left-most shade.

3CE makes some good shit, man. If you took all of the other words in this post away and left only that statement, it would still make a fitting review. Of course I won’t do that because I typed all of this up already but … you get the point. Two thumbs up for 3CE and well-timed sales!

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  1. I bought my two products from 3CE last time. The only product I tried from 3CE before is the lipgloss, and boy, it is also opaque and not sticky! I want to buy more! Hehe. :)

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