Review: Maybelline’s White Superfresh Foundation (05 Sand Beige)

I’ll be honest—when Maybelline invited me to the launch of their new base product, I had low expectations. Their colour products have always been pretty damn good (eyeshadows, lipsticks…) but I used their powders back in college and they were not that great (I used them because I knew next to nothing about makeup back then and a powder was a powder was a powder).

At the launch (which you can read about here), I made it a point to keep an open mind. White Superfresh was introduced to bloggers and media as an affordable, oil-absorbing, no-need-for-touch-ups, long-wearing foundation. Exactly what college Mariana needed back in 2009-12ish and what a lot of girls in college today would love, no doubt. And guess what? After a few weeks of getting to know this foundation, even NON-college Mariana (i.e. me, now) loves this foundation. This review will tell you why.

P1180386 Overview of The Product

Maybelline’s White Superfresh Foundation* (299.00 Php) is the “no touch-up powder foundation” that claims to last for 12 straight hours without need of a touch-up. It’s an Asia-exclusive that was formulated with our hot, sunny weather in mind (hence it also has an SPF of 34 PA+++). The powder is enriched with mineral perlite, which supposedly allows the powder to absorb moisture five times better than regular talc.

Needless to say (but still very much worth pointing out), this is a foundation best suited for girls with combo/oily skin or those who find themselves in hot, sweaty situations often. I myself have combination skin, so I need to moisturise my cheeks properly before using this just so they don’t dry out by the end of the day.

There are four shades of this foundation available locally: 02 Nude Beige, 03 Natural, 04 Honey, and 05 Sand Beige. It’s a rather limited selection with none of the shades catering to deeper skin tones, so that is the one major flaw of the foundation. I initially received shade 02 and had to wait until I could pick up shade 05 before I could test out the product properly. You will see three of the four shades later on in this post.

I still find it hard to believe that a product like this is available for only 299.00 Php. That’s roughly 7 USD. Now, get ready for a pretty wordy and (hopefully) thorough review… you know I get excited when I really like something. Haha.


P1180387This is minimalist packaging done right, wether it is minimalist by design or by reason of monetary constraints. It is not cheap-looking by any means. I love the combination of the stark white cover and the clear plastic bottom. Both pieces also feel like quality plastic held together by a sturdy hinge; nothing flimsy or brittle here. 
P1180391The mirror on the inner part of the cover is large and non-distorting. The powder itself sits snug on the left side of the clear plastic base, while a sponge occupies the right side. I really have no interest in sponges, so after testing mine once to determine that it was OK lang, I haven’t touched it since. I will eventually chuck mine in the trash and do something much more useful with that empty space, which you shall see later on. P1180388The bottom of the compact has breather holes for the sponge and a pin hole under the powder pan for when you want/need to get a new pan. Since my press sample was the shade 02, it says that on the sticker even if I’ve already switched out 02 for 05. That’s right, you can buy refills for this product. So. Freakin’. Awesome.

The Refills

WSFrefillHow cute is this little guy? Refills will set you back only 199.00 Php. So that’s just 299.00 Php for your initial purchase that includes the compact (!) and 199.00 Php to refill. Some higher end brands charge around 800 Php just for the compact (no product yet!). Hopefully that puts things into perspective nicely.

You get 9g of product in every pan, which isn’t too shabby at all! There is also a new sponge included with every refill.

Shade Selection


Again, there are four shades available, namely: 02 Nude Beige, 03 Natural, 04 Honey, and 05 Sand Beige. I have three of those four because shade 02 was in my press kit and shade 03 was the shade in the cool spray test box thing that Maybelline used to demonstrate Superfresh’s water absorption capabilities (you can also see that in my post about the launch). Shade 05, the darkest, is what I bought for myself.

Some short descriptions of the shades, which don’t vary very much in depth at all:

02 Nude – light beige, pinkish undertone

03 Natural – still a light beige, but with warmer, slightly yellow undertones

04 Honey – strong yellow undertone, arguably still quite light

05 Sand Beige – medium shade with neutral undertones

While shade 05 works on me right now, I do have to warm it up with some matte bronzer on the outer perimeter of my face to add depth. Once I get a tan, it will be a little more difficult to use unless I go in with even more bronzer. I may go out and buy 04 Honey to complete my collection because adding yellow undertones to strategic points on my face might help make everything look more natural. We shall see. 
MSF2shadesIf I do opt to get shade 04 to use in conjunction with 05, I will be placing it in the space that the sponge normally occupies, as demonstrated above. I was very excited to see that the pan fits nicely in that slot too, as not everyone is just one shade all over the face. I just wish there was an even deeper shade than 05 to place in that empty spot.

Performance Test

P1180373Ah yes, performance. The most important part. To reiterate: this product claims to last for 12 hours without need of retouching. I should also mention that it provides light-medium coverage so don’t expect a full-coverage look from this.

You can see that it looks nice when freshly applied, but to really put it to the test I made a trip to my college campus and spent the afternoon walking around in the sun, sitting in the library, and reminiscing about my college days (which weren’t all that long ago hehe).MSFcollage1I wasn’t juuust there to test the foundation, but I happened to be going anyway and thought it was the perfect opportunity to test and document at the same time. I normally allow myself to retouch this foundation by dusting a little more powder on when needed, but for this test I did absolutely no retouching— even with tissue or blotting papers. Let me take you through the day:

10:00 AM – Freshly applied. Nice semi-matte finish and medium coverage. I always moisturise more before using this foundation because it’s a powerhouse oil-sucker.

12:30 PM – We (myself and the boyfriend) ate at Ababu in Katipunan. There’s some shine on my face because it was a super sunny day, the restaurant is open to the street, and has no air conditioning. I didn’t feel oily though and I think everything was still pretty nice and under control.

3:00 PM – Ok this was the shiniest I got while out of the house. I walked around campus doing little errands (and reminiscing, and wondering at how young everyone else looked) from the time we got there (1:45 ish). At this point I would normally take out my compact and retouch, but I was determined not to ruin the test. After taking that photo with my famous statue buddy in the background (name him if you can!) I ducked into the library, which is fully air conditioned.

5:30 PM – After a couple of hours in the cold library, my face went matte again. The powder absorbed the oil and the air conditioning definitely helped dry out my skin a bit… maybe a little too much? It’s not bad at all though, considering that I didn’t use anything to get rid of that shine. I just sat there. I had lost a bit of powder (and coverage, consequently) by that time though.

7:00 PM – Back at home and my skin is looking nice and semi-matte again as some more natural oils came out to play.

9:00 PM – Shiny forehead and almost no product left on the chin area. My T-zone is the oiliest part of my face; my cheeks, which are on the normal end, still look fine. I definitely wouldn’t want to be out of the house at this point anymore though, and so I think the 9th hour (at 7pm) was the product’s threshold.

While it didn’t quite make the 12 hour mark looking good, I think it’s still incredibly impressive. Given the same situation and a different foundation, I would normally look unbearably shiny by the fifth hour without any retouching. What I love about the Superfresh foundation is that if you give it time, it really will deal with the excess oil on your face for you. Still, I like to add on some powder at certain points in the day precisely because I need more of it to be doing that oil-suctioning.

This is definitely a foundation best suited for girls with oily skin. If you don’t expose your face to extreme situations, the powder will absorb the natural release of oils on your face very nicely. Girls with combo/oily skin like myself will appreciate the extra control in the T-zone, but will have to keep the dry parts of their faces moisturised. If you have dry skin, it’s probably not the foundation for you.

I still can’t get over the price point for this product. 299.00 Php? It performs like a much pricier product and I am thoroughly impressed by it overall. Again, saying that you will not need to touch up at all for 12 hours is quite a stretch, but it helped reduce the need for touch-ups significantly.

I highly recommend this foundation (and have been doing so to anyone who asks). Have you tried it out? Thoughts? :)

Product Information: 

Maybelline White Superfresh Powder Foundation SPF 34 PA+++

Price: 299.00 Php (compact and powder), 199.00 Php (refill alone)

Pan weight: 9 grams

Shade Selection: Limited to 4– 02 Nude Beige, 03 Natural, 04 Honey, and 05 Sand Beige

Availability: All major drugstores and supermarkets

*Please note that the initial samples of this product were given to me free of charge, but I have since purchased the product with my own money. This post reflects my honest opinions.

13 responses to Review: Maybelline’s White Superfresh Foundation (05 Sand Beige)

  1. I’ve been having a harder time with this foundation. It’s too drying on me, even with moisturizer. My skin actually cracks up with this!

  2. BeaBear

    haha! same here!
    “I used their powders back in college and they were not that great (I used them because I knew next to nothing about makeup back then and a powder was a powder was a powder).”

  3. I’m the type to skip the compact with mirror and just go for the refill. No need for sponges, since I carry a small, retractable powder brush at all times. I was amazed by the water spray experiment, so now I’m curious. Hopefully, Honey or Natural will work for me.

  4. Rae

    I’m so disappointed with Maybelline not bringing in the darker shades in most of Asia. Seriously, they’re darkest shade is not even medium deep. I’m at my lightest so I might fit Honey. I could go for Sand Beige but I know it’s the wrong tone.

  5. Abi

    Ive been loving this powder so much!! Before using this, I would usually blot twice a day! But now I dont even need to blot anymore. Yay <3

  6. Hey I love the idea of placing two shades in one compact!
    When I bought my pressed powder, sand beige is not available so Ive purchased the natural shade that comes with mirror. Now I can use the lightest shade under my eyebags and sand beige all over my face❤❤

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