Keepin’ It Fresh & Minty! How I Stay Cool In The Summer Heat

Most people think that summer in Manila is unbearable and while it can be, there are certainly ways to mitigate the unpleasantness of it all. Mostly people start wearing lighter (and less) clothing or hit the beach (where the barest minimum of clothing is actually acceptable) to beat the heat, but sometimes you just get stuck in the city. These are the little things that I do (or have) that help me get through the 40-degree summer days that I love in spite of it all: P1180489Regardless of what time of year it is, I always keep wet wipes in my bag (I neither like nor understand gel hand sanitiser). They’re useful in many situations but come summer, they are especially great for freshening up the body on a hot, sticky summer day. You can use them to wipe down any part of your body, but here’s a little tip: wipe behind your neck and ears and you’ll feel 1000 times fresher in an instant. Also in my bag, I keep regular old hair elastics. I don’t wear my hair up a lot but when it’s hot, sweeping it off my neck and out of my face really helps.

Taking showers more often is always a good idea in the summer. I like to enhance the refreshing feeling that any old shower might give me with a couple of minty/cooling products. I’ve been using the Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castille Soap in the Peppermint variant as a body wash and it makes my shower feel like a cool breeze. The minty shower experience doesn’t stop there—I also use Lactacyd Cool & Fresh to wash my, uhm, lady parts (haha) and I am totally going to restock the Human Nature Strengthening Shampoo in the Cool Peppermint variant to top off the my whole refreshing shower experience.

As I go about my day, I like to wash my hands a lot. I think I’ve mentioned this before—I’m a bit of an obsessive hand washer. I always use Safeguard in my bathroom, but I switch out the usual Eucalyptus for Safeguard Cool Menthol in the summer. Even having cooler hands helps on a hot, hot day! And is it obvious that I like minty things? Haha their powers are all too often underestimated!

The last thing I use to keep me from fainting is my Evian Facial Spray. Yes, I paid approximately 400 Php for water that I spritz on my face, but this one bottle has been with me for just about a year now. You could make your own refreshing facial spray… but I ain’t got no time for that. Haha

What helps you guys stay cool when it’s scorching hot outside? :)

3 responses to Keepin’ It Fresh & Minty! How I Stay Cool In The Summer Heat

  1. Break out the minty stuff. Good one! I still have Human Nature shampoo and conditioner left over from last year, so that will get a lot of use this summer. The rest of the time, chilled water is a permanent fixture on my desk.

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