Shitty Makeup Day

As often as I wear makeup, some days… things just don’t go my way. Today was one of those days. P1180495

I used an old favourite tinted moisturiser for my base and found that it just didn’t work for me anymore. So pink and blotchy. On the eyes, I went too frosty and light. The mascara is also an old fave that just didn’t do it for me today. I looked sick and puffy-eyed.  The only thing that came out semi-alright were my brows, and even they could not save the look. I’m not into the lipstick I used either, but I felt that going for a more solid pink-brown might distract from the rest of the face. Not so. I eventually just let that wear off and I wore my eyeglasses in an effort to hide my face. Ick.

Crappy as I felt, I took this photo because I wanted to post it and ask you guys this: What you do when you have a shitty makeup day (and don’t have enough time to take everything off to do it over again)?

I was this close to taking everything off and leaving the house with a bare face (which I do sometimes anyway), but my base had the SPF in it already and I knew I would need that. I’m not sure I made the right decision at all. Haha. I think I looked even more tired with makeup on than I did without it, and that is never a good thing! So please do share your thoughts! I can’t be alone in this.

9 responses to Shitty Makeup Day

  1. faithbuenacosa

    When I’m too late to make sure my cat eye is perfect, I also hide in the safety of my glasses. When there’s no time to change what is already in my face, I just roll with it and hope nobody notices. Hahaha

  2. Yup, glasses. Any problems with lipstick and blush is easy enough to rectify, but glasses save the day for icky eyes.

  3. Jo Cayabyab

    I would give up all my good make up days for one of your bad days!!! You still look B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!!

  4. Unfortunately, when I have a bad makeup day, I seem to only make it worse. Wonky eyeliner? Make it bigger. Smudged on one eye? Smudge both. Mascara not working? Layer it to death with another. I don’t know why I automatically add shit on my face when things go wrong because it’s never worked for me EVER.

  5. Love your brows! I usually try to add winged eyeliner or a bright lip or some accessories to take attention away. A bad makeup day is when my skin is misbehaving and I can’t get my base right!

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