This Post Contains No Pictures

I do have an excuse for not posting any new content lately. I had an ugly reaction to a concealer I was testing out early this week and I ended up with red, itchy, painful splotches all over my face. My face is still red and rough in some areas so I wasn’t going to photograph that, much less apply even more (potentially irritating) makeup on top of it.

But you know that’s a bullshit excuse, right?

There are many ways I could have prepared so that this page didn’t go silent. I could have thought ahead and had a few posts queued up (I don’t really like queueing posts although I see how it makes sense). I could have posted some reviews with photos of products alone (who needs to see my face all the time anyway?). Arm swatches do the job well enough most of the time.

Truth be told, I just wasn’t feeling it this week.

Yes, I felt pressured to post regularly to keep my page views up. And yes, I know that pressure comes mainly from inside my head. And although I felt that pressure, the thought of becoming the kind of beauty blogger who churns out entries like a mindless robot obviously kept me silent.

Before you think I’m taking a jab at anyone in particular here, just believe me when I say I’m not. If a blog is of that robotic, impersonal nature, I don’t read it. Simple as that. I’m just saying that I know what kind of blog I want to run/keep and it isn’t the kind that drowns out my voice. If I let that happen, how will TBB be different in the slightest from a TV advert? I’m not here to let products speak over me (sorry, brands).

I suppose that, as with all things, there is a balance to be found…somewhere between being sent products, asked to events, and realistically being able to take all of that in so as to properly speak about them. Somewhere between making/keeping good relationships with PR companies and brands and yet still voicing out your honest and true opinion.

This is all much more serious than it should be, really. It’s just beauty and makeup—fun stuff, right? Well it’s also unavoidably and undeniably someone’s job and an entire industry on its own. And yes, I like to make it worth my while too by accepting a PR sample here and there or attending a product launch when I can (not that I get very much of either and/but I am extremely grateful when I do). When I began to do that, I automatically became obliged to let my readers know exactly what was coming to me for free. It’s still not exactly a paid advert, but it’s pretty damn close.

It’s easier for brands to know how to go about all of this. They essentially need to sell some products and make a profit at the end of the day. Things aren’t so clear-cut for the blogger, a creature of relatively recent invention and of surprising influence. There exist blogs that are essentially archives of product photos and information (Temptalia, karlasugar…) where the writer aims to be objective (absolutely nothing wrong with those—you know how much I love Temptalia!), but when the blogger retains a personal voice, ethical considerations come into play.

To put things simply: it’s tiring and stressful to know that your integrity may be on the line. Bloggers might get free shit, but a double-headed obligation comes along with it; one to the brand on another to the reader. Whose faith would I rather nurture? The reader, of course. But if possible, I’d like to please both. I stress like mad when I feel like I can’t do both.

Alright. I’m tired and feeling much too lazy to edit and cut this down so I figure I’ll just cut it here. I suppose these thoughts are my real, actual excuse for the recent paucity of posts.

It’s good to think and talk about the sensitive crap that everyone avoids sometimes. That way, when you’re in a (moral, ethical) pickle and unsure of what to do, you have a clearer idea of where you stand. That’s the ida, at least.

Catch you in the next (hopefully, lighthearted) post, guys. Whenever that might go up!

2 responses to This Post Contains No Pictures

  1. Robotic blogging tends to cause burnouts. It’s definitely better to just pace yourself and take a breather, especially if you want to be more conscious with your voice.

  2. Like you, I don’t know how to balance organic and plugged (but genuine) content. I’m fine now because I’m really into blogging at the moment, but last time I let myself spiral out of control, I took my second 3 month hiatus.

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