What’s In My Beach Bag: Easter Weekend 2015

Hey hey, everyone! Where did you all spend your Easter weekend? My family went up to La Union to get a little R&R by the beach and… eat and sleep, pretty much. It was all sorts of awesome and I feel totally recharged. I never really liked the beach until around two years ago. Now I look forward to soaking in salt water and letting the sound of the waves clear my mind. Just don’t take me to out deep waters and I’m all good. Haha.
IMG_9549My perfectly-sized beach bag is this cute tote that Unilever sent my way with a bunch of goodies in it. I would have preferred an “M” for Mariana, but “I” is different from what I usually see on my personalised things so it’s all good! It really is the perfect size, so I was not going to cast it aside just because it has an I on it instead of an M.

Anyhoo. Deciding what to take in any sort of bag is an ever-evolving process on top of being quite personal. I suppose that’s why people love “What’s In My Bag” videos on YouTube (myself included). It’s just so interesting to see what a woman decides to lug around with her. This is my current selection of things: IMG_9551The most important thing in my beach bag is my jug of water. I have always been that girl who carries around a huge jug of water. From grade school (big-ass blue Coleman) to high school (foot-high steel Thermos with pink carrying case) to college (Lock & Lock plastic water vessel inside a geeky carrying case with adorable dogs printed all over it). No shame in being properly hydrated, my friends. The Contigo water jug you see above keeps water cold for 12 hours and it’s unbelievably refreshing to be able to have iced water at the beach, guys.

I also keep some Vaseline Healthy White Serum SPF 30 +++* with me to top up on sunscreen. Shoulders and back usually get the worst of it and if your sunscreen doesn’t come off in the water, then just the general skin rubbing against clothes action and time will take it off. You’re meant to reapply once every two hours, but I just do it whenever I remember to tbqh.

Sunglasses are also an indispensable item at the beach. I always buy some inexpensive ones for beach trips so that I don’t have to worry about salt water ruining them or possibly losing them. The pair above are actually from Uniqlo but I thought the Sunnies case was nice and compact so I placed them in there. The fan is not a must-have, but it’s useful for the rare occasion when the wind decides to stop blowing.

The blue and orange rectangular thing you see is my kit of small essentials. It’s made of plastic but it’s not water proof at all…just water resistant and enough to keep the sand out. Here’s what’s inside:

IMG_9557Baby wipes and some hand sanitising wipes. The most convenient cure for stickiness and general uhm, germy-ness. I am a total mom. The comb and hair tie are also essential because I can hardly ever pull off beachy, wavy hair. Sometimes it works out, but most of the time I whip it up out of my face!

The small ziplock with my shades in it usually holds my cellphone, but I was using that to take these photo so the shades are just a placeholder. Again, not totally waterproof but I wasn’t doing any extreme water sports anyway. I also have my Jack Black lip balm which has an SPF of 25 (lips burn too) and an adorable mini ARMADA Sport 70 to touch up my face sunscreen. The clear spray bottle is a mixture of water and tea tree oil — a DIY refresher spray that doubles as a mild antibacterial spray too.

And that is that! I would love to know what you guys take to the beach with you…or if you don’t take anything at all. I take that option sometimes, but I’m always more comfortable being prepared. The beach sure isn’t going to separate me from my water jug! Haha

11053077_10152875063749016_1878035233271211595_oLeaving you with a photo of Poro Point, La Union. There are many beaches in the La Union area and they’re mostly black sand beaches with good surfing waves, but this little one that we share with Thunderbird resort is quite pretty and calm compared to the others. Plus it’s got the Anne Curtis rock from that movie she did about adultery. Lol.

My uncle’s house sits on top of the cliff and so we’ve all taken to calling it “Cliffside.” It gives us some kick ass sunset views and (from the roof deck) beautiful sunrises. So lucky to live in a country where places like this are so close to the city.

3 responses to What’s In My Beach Bag: Easter Weekend 2015

  1. Awesome post! I’m also one of those girls always carrying lots of water around… So how could I not know this contigo bottle? Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Poro Point looks inviting! :) I loved seeing your photos during this trip, Iana!
    Also, I love the bag Unilever sent!

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