What I’ve Been Up To

…because believe it or not, I have not fallen off the face of the earth!

I do think that what I’ve been going through over the past few weeks qualifies as “blogger burnout.” It all just got very tiring and not fun at all. So I took a break and worried at first that I would suffer for it. Then I decided to just let go of the damn anxiety because I practically live my entire life with a stick up my ass. Relaxing and going with the flow do not come naturally to me – even my down time is planned out if I have any say in it (and I make sure I do).

So it’s been a good couple of weeks of no-pressure living in the “beauty blogger” aspect of my life. I’ve enjoyed it immensely but you will be glad to know that just the other day I visited Rustan’s and got that feeling for the first time in a long time — the uncontrollable, completely illogical, and all-too-familiar feeling that I MUST. HAVE. ALL. THE. MAKEUP. It’s not even a thought, guys. It is a feeling.

Beauty-related posts will resume shortly, but for now let me fill you in on all the other incredibly interesting (not really) stuff that goes on in my life. I’ve been:


Keeping my yoga practice alive

Man, I love yoga. It started with Bikram some three years ago, but now I’m getting into the other variations/types and I’m loving how much there is to learn about the body and explore in the mind.

A good friend also started practicing at the same studio I go to recently and although I usually like my alone time at yoga, I do like having her around. Sharing good energy is always awesome.

p.s. Chose the photo above because most people have no clue what “namaste” means. It’s a beautiful word (and sentiment).

Staying active in general 

Climbed Mt. Maculot with a couple of friends recently. Loads of people are getting into this mountaineering stuff recently… I wouldn’t go so far as to call myself a mountaineer, but hiking through forests and taking in beautiful views is totally my cup of tea. People seem to think that I can’t hack things like hiking — but I genuinely love nature. I just happen to have grown up a city girl.

Also taking advantage of this amazing summer weather by… ducking into malls at the height of the day’s heat. Haha! Mall hopping is an activity too, isn’t it?
Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 8.50.03 PMCrying over things like the Hart of Dixie cancellation

I f*cking loved this show. I’ve not been so upset over a cancellation since Greek. If you haven’t seen HoD, then I suggest you download all four amazing seasons right away. I tend to like shows that are not too serious but not all-out idiotic, just so you know. HoD was happy, fun, smart, and a visual treat. I also thought that character development was above average for a show if its type. Hehe.

Watching a new (old) show, Freaks and Geeks

A 1999 TV show that Greg turned me on to; it had a one-season run and I’m just on the third episode of eighteen, but I can already tell that it’s another one of those shows that got cancelled prematurely. Why.

Getting over skin issues 

With the help of the products you see above, I successfully remedied my oddly dry and dehydrated skin. I’m normally oily/combo, so the shift caught me off guard and I had to rush-search Caroline Hirons’ blog for advice on what to do. My skin was cracking and peeling like mad and I had pimples popping up all over the place. Dry skin + pimples? That’s no fun, you guys.

Caroline’s advice is to use any moisturiser that works for you (doesn’t have to be heavy) but the important part is to apply often and seal that moisture in. Sprays infused with plant extracts like the one above from L’Occitane are perfect for the job. Avoid wearing makeup because you can’t replenish your skin easily, but if you must then spritz often. Resurfacing acids also help because they encourage cellular turnover.  In two days my skin was back to its semi-oily normal state and even the pimples have calmed down. Gah. Good skin is all about balance.


Yes, I have Snapchat (username: ianabantug). I promise I don’t share anything sketchy though! I actually post about makeup quite often… and of course there’s loads of Max posts on there as well. I think I’ve taken to it because it reminds me of YouTube vlogs, which I do enjoy watching. I get how it can be creepy though. Haha.


I’m actually preparing for an exam this coming weekend, so everything I’ve been reading works toward helping me prepare. I enjoy literary criticism immensely, so on top of taking in all the summaries of major canonical works I can (the test will require that I know things like who wrote what and who said what in major novels), I have been reading Calvino’s Why Read The Classics?, Harold Bloom’s The Anatomy of Influence, and The Western Canon: The Books and School of The Ages. What has surprised me most since I started reviewing for this exam is how little I know of Shakespeare’s works. Hmm. Anyway, wish me luck for that test please!

And there you have it. I have a life other than beauty, of course. It’s just been getting a little rearranging done to it since my departure from law school. I’m liking what  so far but I feel very much in between in my life. Loads of people have told me to embrace it. I try.

Again, fear not! Beauty-related posts are up and coming. I am itching to shop for new stuff but I am also trying to save up some money so I can go crazy when I visit the US in May. Hopefully I can find a good balance.

2 responses to What I’ve Been Up To

  1. YAY!

    Personally my real life overwhelmed me a while back and I dropped out of existence for a while, so I know what you mean!

    I gave yoga a try a while back and really enjoyed it. However, my schedules are crazy and are not conductive to any kind of routines. :X I need to find a solution for that

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