Happy Skin Summer 2015: “Beauty In Bloom” Product Launch and Info

Happy Skin’s summer 2015 collection dropped last week and it is every bit as bloomiful — oops, I meant beautiful — as I hoped it would be. The collection, called “Beauty In Bloom“, is the brand’s second summer release and I remember clearly that it was last year’s summer collection, “Turn Up The Heat“, that first enticed me into purchasing Happy Skin products. Since then I have consistently been amazed at how thorough the relatively-young and proudly-Filipino brand is when it comes to product development and conceptualisation of themes for limited edition and permanent products alike.

P1180737To say that I am a fan of Happy Skin would be 100% accurate. Those who know me know that although I don’t “fangirl” over the usual things like pop stars and handsome actors, I can “fangirl” pretty hard when I decide that I admire someone or something. Admiration is precisely what I have for Happy Skin as a brand and for its co-founders, Jacqe Yuengtian-Gutierrez and Rissa Mananquil-Trillo. So it was with sheer and utter joy that I accepted a friend’s invitation to attend this year’s Happy Skin summer party (thank you times a billion, Iya! ♥).

Now I get to share the experience with you, my readers, as well as information about the collection that I hope will be helpful to you. Do read (or at least scroll) until the very end so that you can see all of the product shots and swatches! 

A Summer Soirèe

P1180724Beauty In Bloom” was launched last Thursday, April 16, at Le Jardin. The bright and colourful set up was perfect for an afternoon of snacking on cheese and having loads of refreshing mocktails. Flower crowns were laid out on the tables, which were for their part draped in pale green table cloths (trivia: I love all pale, mossy greens for interior design purposes — so easy on the eyes). I especially loved that there was a lot of natural light flooding in from the windows; daylight always makes me feel more upbeat.

HSpartyThere was no program, so guests were free to walk around and chat with one another. I saw some familiar faces, made a couple of new friends, and even got to meet Rissa and Jacqe (!) as well as Jigs Mayuga and Lourd Ramos. Everyone was so sweet and fun to talk to that I almost forgot how nervous I was.

Samples of the new collection were also strewn all over the place so that guests could play around with the products and get those Instagram-able shots. The photos above are from my personal Instagram page. P1180730Of course, there were flowers in abundance: flower crowns, bouquets set out on tables, a booth by Print Cafe with beautifully floral designed paper cards, and a “flower market” where guests could arrange their very own bouquet of flowers. I had way too much fun making mine!P1180732Ta-daaaa! (That mocktail in the background was my third!) I went for a rustic look. Haha … Hey, I didn’t say I was actually good at it! The important thing is that I was then totally in the mood for some products to help me bloom just like a pretty flower. ;)

I realised at this event that I totally need to quit being shy at events and just take loads of photos. I just can’t seem to find a good balance of enjoying and documenting properly. Needless to say though, I really enjoyed this particular event. If I can get my hands on photos from the official photographers, I’ll be sure to share those down the road. For now, let’s get to talking about some makeup!

The Collection to Give You #BloomingHappySkin

P1180759Beauty In Bloom” is a beautifully packaged collection. I love the colour palette and I could just stare at that tube of lip & cheek mousses all day… but! The products themselves are quite exciting so here’s an overview of the products:

  • Eye Am The One Holy Grail Mascara – 899.00 Php *
  • Get Cheeky With Me 2-in-1 Blush (Just Peachy & Bride-to-Be) – 799.00 Php *
  • Shut Up & Kiss Me Lip & Cheek Mousse Duo (The Morning After & Summer Crush) – 1,199.00 Php *
  • Shut Up & Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippie (Hold My HandBride-to-Be) – 599.00 Php individually, 999.00 Php for the pair

I have everything but the lipstick in Bride-to-Be, so let’s get on to the photos and swatches! Please note that these aren’t reviews, but so far everything is really good. The swatches might help you decide what to pick up!

Lip & Cheek Mousse Duo 

P1180766I had never tried a Lip and Cheek Mousse before getting this bundle, so I was very excited to have it. Also, the packaging (once again) is so awesome. The shades (The Morning After & Summer Crush) will be familiar to those who got in on last year’s summer collection — they came out in lipstick form, but the two shades were so popular that Happy Skin brought them back in a different form this year. P1180780Familiar shades: The Morning After is a mauve-y pink that’s perfect for day-to-day wear and Summer Crush is a vibrant pink that looks incredible on tan skin. 
P1180795The formula of these Lip and Cheek Mousses is fantastic. They blend out with such ease for use as a blush, and yet are so pigmented and comfortable to wear on the lips. You can adjust the coverage for either purpose, too! The heart-shaped swatches on either side of the mousses are of the lipsticks from last year’s summer collection. You can see photos of me wearing them here.

Get Cheeky With Me 2-in-1 Blush 

P1180762Admittedly the product I was least excited about because I thought the shades looked too light for my skin tone, but I knew Rissa would not have left morenas out of the picture. My fears were unfounded — the shades actually show up on my cheeks and the pigmentation is great!

P1180785Peach and pink really are no-brainers. They add life to your face in a snap! 
P1180798Just Peachy on the left, Bride-to-Be in the middle, and a mix of the two on the right. They blend seamlessly and I like to mix them because the peach brightens my skin while the darker pink adds depth.

Eye Am The One Holy Grail Mascara

P1180769A first for the brand! It’s a lengthening fiber mascara that was formulated in Japan (always a good sign). P1180774I love that this mascara is NOT waterproof. Ain’t nobody got time to rub violently at eyelashes at the end of the day…nor is that a good thing to do in any case. HSmascaraI haven’t been using the mascara for long enough to know if it’s holy grail material (for me), but I can tell you that it really does add miles of length to the lashes.

Shut Up & Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippie in Hold My Hand

P1180806If you like the look of both lipstick shades in this collection, you can purchase them in a set for a little less money (plus you get a cute box). I personally thought that I would really only get use out of Hold My Hand, which is the perfect mix of coral and pink. This brings up the number of Shut Up & Kiss Me Lippie I own to eight! 
P1180812I think Happy Skin might actually have improved their lipstick formula. Some of the older shades weren’t quite moisturising enough for me, but this one is. And again, I love this shade. It’s perfection.

And that’s that for the “Beauty In Bloom” collection. I think it’s absolutely lovely and if you’re excited about it, you have every reason to be! You can purchase Happy Skin online at happyskincosmetics.com (they do ship internationally) or at their counters within Beauty Bar and Plains and Prints branches nationwide. They are also available at the SM Store Makati and Mall of Asia, and Watsons Mall of Asia.

P1180743Shout out to my friend Iya, who now works with the amazing Happy Skin team! You and the rest of your team were all so lovely and genuine. Thank you for having me. :)

P.S. I totally wore those shorts to match the event invitation! Haha

IMG_9673P.P.S Bonus photo of me with Rissa and Jacqe! I look nervous… because I was! Haha. They were absolutely lovely though. ♥

Happy Skin on Social Media: 

Instagram & Twitter: @happyskin_ph

Facebook: facebook.com/happyskincosmetics

*PR Samples

4 responses to Happy Skin Summer 2015: “Beauty In Bloom” Product Launch and Info

  1. Not planning to add another blush to my collection, but the blush duo is something I would’ve snapped up if I was. I was instantly drawn to the colors that are just so pretty and universally flattering. Still wish they’d come up with a square or round pan, though. Just easier for big, fluffy brushes to get to.

  2. Happy that you’re liking events more now! I remember way back, you occasionally wrote about being anxious with people. I think we’re at the same crossroads now: I struggle so much to enjoy the event and document it at the same time! Some people just have it all together, they flip modes so seamlessly!

    And dang. Happy Skin releases so many new shiny things. I can’t keep up!

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