Like Butter But Better: Revlon’s Ultra HD Lipstick

Revlon, in my opinion, is always on point when it comes to lipsticks. Their classic Super Lustrous line offers a wide range of shades, including the iconic Ice and Fire and my personal favourite, Mink. The newer lines on the other hand have brought us the amazing Lip Butters, as well as the Matte and Lacquer Balms. I have at least two shades from each of those lines and they all find regular use in my makeup life. In other words: I love them.

So when the new Revlon Ultra HD Lipsticks* (575.00 Php) were launched, I was nothing but excited. When they arrived on my doorstep, I was ecstatic .

P1180279The Ultra HD Lipsticks are formulated using a revolutionary gel formula (wax free!), which makes them lightweight and true to colour. If you thought the Lip Butters were smooth, these are even more so. The range offers 20 gorgeous shades, four of which I now proudly own:

P1180283L-R: Peony, Camilia, Gladiolus, and Dahlia 

I do wish they threw a plum in there instead of two reds, but hey I’m not complaining about having four shades to test out! Peony is a brightened, blue-based bubblegum pink, Camilia is a neutral beige, Gladiolus is a bright red, and Dahlia is a darker red. I knew immediately that Camilia would become a fave and I am thinking about adding Tulip (a pretty peach that looks like a nice summer shade) to my little collection.

Usually within one line, darker shades and lighter shades won’t behave exactly the same. That’s true for this line, but not in an extreme way like I’m used to seeing. With the Ultra HD Lipsticks, the dark shades seems to be just as pigmented as the light shades and everything is of the same “smoothness.”

P1180286The one thing I honestly don’t like at all about these lipsticks is the packaging. Oh my goodness the packaging. It’s tacky and impractical. See that bit of lipstick that shows even when the cap is on the tube? I know it’s there to help me see which shade I’m picking out, but it also totally catches on the cover when I’m pulling it off. It makes a mess and the clear top gets dirty really quickly because of it. When I’ve used the lipstick enough it won’t be as much of a problem of course, but it’s quite a hassle at the moment. Don’t even get me started on how cheap the clear acrylic top makes this otherwise-amazing lipstick look!P1180284There is a generous amount of product in the tube – 0.1oz / 3g, which is as much as a MAC lipstick. That makes it a mid-range priced product that will likely go on sale one day during one of Revlon’s promo periods. At 575.00 Php it’s already affordable, but if you can wait for one of those sales then that’s awesoooome.

RevlonHD1Swatched. I did have lip swatches of these, but they didn’t really look great (because of my lips, not the product) so arm swatches will have to do. You can see that colour is true to bullet and that the formula is smooth as butter. There is a slight sheen to all of the shades, with Dahlia settling into a demi-matte after some time.

The Ultra HD Lipsticks wear for two to three hours. Note that they don’t promise to be long-lasting or staining and I personally prefer them the way they are. Most of the time with products that stain and hold on to the lips with a death grip, my lips feel uncomfortable. I prefer to reapply often and keep comfy (but then I rarely wear reds so… there). The lipsticks have a slight fruity smell to them – nothing overwhelming, but it’s definitely there. P1180374Finally, here’s a photo of me in Camilia. It mutes out my pink lips without making me look like a corpse. This is what I looked like for the entire month of March, I think. Still can’t get over nude lips!

So, which shades from the Revlon Ultra HD line have you been eyeing? Snapdragon seems to be popular!

*PR Sample

7 responses to Like Butter But Better: Revlon’s Ultra HD Lipstick

  1. I have Dahlia and Iris, shades I got when I walked up to the counter and asked for something “galit sa mundo!” I love how they feel on the lips and I wouldn’t mind going back and looking for something lighter and happier! Or… I love my darks; so I won’t discount getting maybe more of those :))

    PS: Legit your blog is one of the more helpful ones I’ve read! Really enjoy this, Iana, just wanted to say :) (I thought it was about time after all the lurking and things I’ve bought with your help!)

    • Mariana – Author

      Mikliii! Thanks for commenting, yay! Haha I’m glad my blog has helped you! :) Darker colours look really good on you nga. :)

  2. Mirela

    I love my Peony and Rose! Every client I used it on wanted to know the shade to go and buy it too! I am obsessed with the smell too! I agree about the packaging – the cap always catches and always nicks the lipsticks! Azalea is also gorgeous, for a more fun/party look!

  3. The packaging is so sleek. I agree Revlon never disappoints on their lip products! I’ll have to see if I can find these here in the US (or at least the equivalent). Great review and swatches.

  4. Camilia looks like a winner! Like the perfect everyday lipstick. I am very tempted to visit my local drugstore and test them ^.^

  5. Gladiolus, Dahlia and Snapdragon! I want all these shades. They are having a 3 for 2 sale but shades are pre-selected. I kept seeing them on blogs priced at 575.00, but when I asked Watsons, it’s 625! Hmmm…

  6. Paoline

    I love my Iris shade! I also have Camilia but it doesn’t seem to suit my warm skin so I mix it with other lip colors :)

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