Review: Happy Skin’s Eye Am The One Mascara — Is It Holy Grail Material?

Bet you weren’t expecting a review so soon after I posted about Happy Skin‘s “Beauty in Bloom” collection launch party (here)! We were given a few items from the collection on that day, but I actually bought the Eye Am The One Mascara (899.00 Php) well before the party (didn’t know I was going until a couple of days before). That means I’ve had sufficient time to get to know the product and work on this little write up for you guys. P1180590The sort of “subtitle” name of the Eye Am The One mascara is “Holy Grail.” On top of that, the box packaging proclaims that it is “your dream mascara!” You have to hand it to Happy Skin — they really do believe in their products. This fibre mascara is meant to give you “thicker and longer lashes with curls that will never droop.” It’s also supposed to be “smudge-proof, sweat-proof, tear-resistant, and sebum-resistant.” That’s a lot of claims for any one mascara, but Happy Skin took one full year to develop this formula and it’s made in Japan, so there was always good reason to bet on it. P1180595The tube itself is very simple in shape. The printed design is fun and colourful though, so it isn’t boring to look at. P1180593There’s a lot of text on the box packaging, so let’s take a bit of time to review that. The thing that I love the most about this mascara is that is not waterproof. I hate dealing with waterproof formulas because you know what? Removing them is a pain in the butt and the formulas of waterproof mascaras often make your lashes fall out. The Eye Am The One mascara comes off easily with any regular cleanser and water. The next think I like most is that there is an extract included in the formula that stimulates lash growth. Everyone wants more eyelashes and you might as well be conditioning them while you wear mascara. Over time, you should have even more lashes to lengthen and curl using the fibers and special brush this mascara has to offer.P1180591Speaking of that special brush — it’s called “Maximeyes” and its design promises to help define, curl, and add volume to your lashes. The illustration above makes that crystal clear, but here it is up close and in macro: HSmascara2It’s pretty nifty, eh? I do think the dips help, but there are times when I forget to rotate the brush head enough so I don’t always get to use them. In general though it’s a good brush head, considering I usually prefer plastic ones.  HSmascaraHere we go, this is where you get to see just how much the mascara lengthens lashes. The photos above are from the first time I tested it out and I got length for sure but not much volume. After a few more uses, I was getting more fibers out of the tube, so this is what it looked like: P1180638It’s obvious which eye has the mascara on it and you can see that this time around, my lashes have both volume and length. Most mascaras have a sweet spot in time when they are at their most effective, and it was nice to find that with this one it only took a couple of uses to coax out all that potential. It’s been incredibly hot and humid in Manila lately and I’m happy to report that Eye Am The One never once smudged or flaked and it was a very lightweight, comfortable mascara to wear. Removing it at the end of the day is a breeze, once again thanks to it not being waterproof.

So, is it “Holy Grail” material?

I love this mascara, let’s make that clear from the start. And I do think I have found my new everyday-use, no-brainer mascara. I’ve loved wearing this and it’s a fantastic product with a great formulation. However, the designation of “Holy Grail” mascara still goes to my Fairydrops Quattro mascara (which also happens to be formulated in Japan). I feel like a thousand bucks when I wear that stuff. Still, Happy Skin’s Eye Am The One mascara performed fantastically. Just because it isn’t my “Holy Grail” mascara doesn’t mean it won’t be yours. I’ve said time and time again that choosing a mascara is highly personal. If you’re looking for length, Eye Am The One stands to be your One for sure. P1180584You can purchase Happy Skin online at (they do ship internationally) or at their counters within Beauty Bar and Plains and Prints branches nationwide. They are also available at the SM Store Makati and Mall of Asia, and Watsons Mall of Asia. Happy Skin on Social Media:  Instagram & Twitter: @happyskin_ph Facebook:

5 responses to Review: Happy Skin’s Eye Am The One Mascara — Is It Holy Grail Material?

  1. Jean Melgar

    Thanks for a very honest review! :) I’m now contemplating if I should get one.

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