Introducing: L’Oreal Miss Manga Mascara & A MEGA SALE ANNOUNCEMENT (May 1 – 31)*

So, how is everyone faring in this summer heat? Admittedly, I’ve taken to putting the air conditioning on from around noon to 3pm when I’m at home. On other days, I mooch off mall air conditioning… which isn’t technically mooching because I end up paying for parking and maybe also getting an iced coffee anyway.

I’ve said it in other posts already, but the heat is so bad that it really does limit what kind of makeup I use. At the launch of the Miss Manga Mascara, I posted a photo of the product and wrote in the caption that mascara is pretty much the only thing I can pile on in this heat. I meant that, and when you’re going hyper-minimal with everything else, having long and thick lashes makes all the difference.

Miss Manga Colored LogoMiss Manga, formulated especially for stick straight Asian lashes, is perfect for the heat. The waterproof formula ensures that it really isn’t going anywhere. On top of that, you get loads of curl. The L’Oreal Miss Manga Mascara will be regularly priced at 599.00 Php, BUT come May, you can get it at its introductory price of 500.00 Php. Miss Manga won’t be the only thing on sale though, as the entire month of May will be…

The Great L'Oréal Sale

The Great L’Oreal Sale! You’ll be able to get your fave L’Oreal makeup for up to 45% off, plus skincare and hair color will also be discounted. It’s the perfect time to stock up on stuff!

There will be more information about the specials at the end of this post, but I also wanted to give you an idea of what the Miss Manga mascara can do, as well as show you photos of the adorable press kit I got my sample in. It’s a winner (both press kit and mascara)!

The Cutest Press Kit That Ever Was

P1180870This “magazine issue” is the press kit itself. How cute is the Manga Panda on the cover?! P1180873Page 1: “The secret to the perfect doll lash look?” Miss Manga’s waterproof formula and conic arched brush head! 
P1180885Page 2: The mascara itself and a Mat BB Veil sample to keep the base fresh and oil-free.P1180890Love the packaging even though hot pink isn’t usually my thing. The shape of the tube makes it nice to hold for some reason… P1180932Miss Manga promises 10x volume and 2x curl in one application. I have it on my left eye lashes (your right) in this photo, and you can most definitely see a lot of lift and thickness. It isn’t the kind of mascara that defines every single lash. Instead it makes it appear as though I have more lashes and that they are fluttery and light. I like it!

Removing the waterproof formula will call for a bi-phase makeup remover, but it was not excessively difficult to take off. I can hardly believe that even at regular price, this mascara is so affordable. I was starting to accept the idea that all good mascaras brush at the 1000 Php mark already. Thank goodness L’Oreal are still sensibly priced!

The Great L’Oreal Sale: Prices & My Picks

P1180817Again, all makeup (nail polish doesn’t count) will be up to 45% off.

  • True Match foundations from 899 to 600 Php
  • Color Riche lipsticks from 625 to 400 Php
  • All eyeliner at only 400 Php (original prices from 599 to 725 Php)
  • All mascaras at only 500 Php (original prices from 695 to 895 Php)

For skincare:

  • Revitalist Laser anti-aging moisturisers will go from 1,499 to only 800 Php

And hair color:

  • 95 Php off on Excellence hair colour
  • 75 Php off on Casting hair gloss

P1180818I do highly recommend the Miss Manga Mascara, and if you’re in the market for a good anti-shine, low coverage powder, the Mat Magique BB Veil is pretty darn good too. I like it for touching up oily spots throughout the day.

P1180968I was able to pick out some other things at sale price, and these are what I went home with. I also picked up a second Mat Magique BB Veil and a red lipstick for my mom. This sale might be the perfect opportunity for you to get some thoughtful gifts for loved ones, so make plans to hit your favourite mall tomorrow! The sale is at every L’Oreal counter in the Philippines and it’s on for the entire month of May! L'Oréal MakeUp Designer Paris LOGO* All of the products you see in this posts are PR Samples from the brand.

7 responses to Introducing: L’Oreal Miss Manga Mascara & A MEGA SALE ANNOUNCEMENT (May 1 – 31)*

  1. I feel like there’s a lot of new mascaras lately and I still have a few to go through but your close up photo here!! Waaa I want this!

    • Mariana – Author

      Thank you! :) It’s Barry M “Lychee.” I’ve been looking for a dupe nga eh because you can’t buy it here! Huhu it’s such a perfect off white/nude

  2. That is some serious length! I like the definition but it could do with a bit more volume. I haven’t tried mine yet because I have so many open mascaras at the moment :(

  3. Hey Iana! I love your blog. :)

    I’m deciding between this and Happy Skin for an affordable, everyday mascara. Which one is better?

    • Mariana – Author

      Hi Lexie! :) Yay thanks, always nice to see old friends leave a comment! Haha. For everyday use, I’d go for the Happy Skin one. Easier to remove. :)

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