A Selection of Pixi S/S 2015 Products from Glamourbox

Pixi Beauty has always been about fresh, natural-looking makeup. The brand often makes use of the tagline “makeup to wakeup” and the line was created to awaken and create a naturally radiant “just had a good night’s sleep” look. The ingredients that go into Pixi products are “skin-loving and youth-enhancing” and while I’m not exactly in need of youth-enhancing products (yet), I always appreciate makeup that nourishes the skin while you wear it.

P1190017Pixi’s Spring/Summer 2015 Collection, Spring Into Summer, is all about fuss-free and simple yet highly effective makeup. When Glamourbox (beauty box curators and distributors of brans like Pixi and Eye of Horus) sent a box* with a selection of the products, I could feel the summer glow waiting to jump put of the box and straight on to my skin. Here’s what I got: 


L-R: Silky Eye Intensify Duo, Glow Mist, Brow Powder Palette, and LipLift Max

I was most excited about the Glow Mist and Brow Powder Palette because when you have well-groomed brows and glowing skin, you’ve pretty much got summer figured out, beauty-wise. The shades in the Brow Powder Palette also double as eyeshadows, so you can have eye definition and awesome brows with just one product. But let’s go through each of these products one at a time:

Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 10.50.15 AMThe Glow Mist (950.00 Php) is essentially a hydrating mist enriched with 13 natural oils, plus propolis, Argan oil, and aloe vera and fruit extracts. It cam be used before applying makeup to prep the skin with moisture, after applying makeup to set everything and add a dewy glow, throughout the day over makeup to add life to your look, and just on its own to nourish your skin. It has a very fresh, slightly herby smell to it that reminds me of the Caudalie Beauty Elixir (which is priced exorbitantly)… actually, this could be a nice substitute for that, now that I think of it!

I have used this to rehydrate over top of makeup and also to prep my skin and it works very well either way. I feel refreshed and even though it contains oils, I don’t feel any oilier after applying it. I can see this being handy for people who work in air conditioned offices and even at the beach, as aircons and the sun both tend to dry out the skin. It would also make a great in-flight companion for frequent fliers. Just decant a bit of the Glow Mist into a smaller spray bottle and go!

P1190041I have tried Pixi eyeshadows in the past that came in this type of packaging and I was disappointed with them, so I was nervous that the Brow Powder Palette (750.00 Php) would not perform as well as I wanted it to. I was rooting for it though, as it would make a very affordable dual-purpose product if it all worked out. And guess what? It did! 
The best thing about this palette is that every shade in there is matte. The next best thing about it is that there are multiple shades that can be mixed or used on their own to create the perfect shading colour for the brows as well as to contour the eyes. No one’s really going to use the black for eyebrows, but it’s a nice shade to rub into the lash line to thicken it up. The cream shade on the top (far left above) on the other hand is a nice matte highlighter for the brow bone. The browns in between are a good mix of warm browns and taupe-browns that will help you achieve the perfect shade for your own eyebrows.

It’s important to note that these are not highly pigmented and that they’re not really meant to be; you will not get natural looking brows with a solid brown line drawn into your face, that’s for sure. You’ll see swatches in a bit…

Pixi LinerBut first, the Silky Intensify Duo in Brown Eye Intensify (890.00 Php). This is a double-ended waterproof eyeliner that comes in two different combinations — one to bring out warm tones (Brown Eye Intensify – use if you have brown, green, or hazel eyes), and the other to bring out cool tones (Blue Eye Intensify – use if you have blue or grey eyes). I have Brown Intensify, of course, and I love having a deep brown and a shimmery bronze in one pencil. These are definitely smooth and long-wearing, although I find it a little pricey for the amount and for a product that requires a sharpener. Still, the convenience of it is great!


Swatches of the Brow Powder Palette and Silky Intensify Duo

To reiterate: the brow shades are meant to be soft and sheer. That’s what helps you create a natural looking eyebrow. What is important is that the powders really stick, which these do. I was happy using them both as brow powders and even as subtle eyeshadows as they did not fade away half way through the day.

The eyeliners are obviously opaque and the shimmery bronze is nice and bright. 
The final thing I got in my Glamourbox was the LipLipft Max in Petal Ice (790.00 Php). This might seem like your standard clear gloss, but there is a slight pink tint to it that just enhances the natural colour of the lips. It also has peptides that hydrate, firm and plump the lips. Added aloe heals, jojoba moisturises and chamomile soothes. But by far my favourite thing about this lipgloss is the fresh mint flavour — you guys know I’m a sucker for minty lip products! They’re just so refreshing to use. P1190024Overall, I am very pleased with this collection and so happy to have received each of these items. It’s rare that I will use every item sent within a subscription box, but these will all get love from me for sure.

Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 10.48.48 AMThe two products I do not own from the Spring Into Summer collection are the Makeup Fixing Mist (950.00 Php) and the Palette Bronzette Summer Glow (1,600.00 Php). I’m eyeing the palette because the shades in it look soooo perfect for summer!

From what I’ve tried, I most highly recommend the Glow Mist, followed by the brow palette. From the regular line, Pixi has some kick-ass lip balms and lipsticks that are worth checking out as well!

Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 10.48.40 AM

Head over to Glamourbox to either subscribe to the box or to buy the products individually, as the website includes an online store as well.

* P.R. Samples

2 responses to A Selection of Pixi S/S 2015 Products from Glamourbox

  1. Looks like a really nice collection indeed! I have been wanting to try their pencils since Karima from Shameless Friperies said that they are one of her favourites and that they are very long lasting

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